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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm running out of envelopes

I'm still sending short stories out there. I've sent so many I have almost run out of envelopes and have had to send my husband out for stamps twice over the last few days! I have even sent email submissions too. At the last count I have these amounts of stories out there:

Woman's Weekly x 4
Take A Break/Fiction Feast x 6
My Weekly x 3
The Weekly News x 2
That's Life/Fast Fiction x 5
People's Friend Children's Corner x 1

So that's 21 stories out there waiting for verdicts. Most of these I have sent over the past couple of weeks. They are short stories I have written and left for a few weeks to fester - I mean marinate and have just got round to editing and sending off. This post isn't to brag and I'm not saying "Oooh look at me and how many stories I've sent out"! It's to show how much hard work I've done despite there being no guarentees that I will get any of them published. But I have a better chance of getting them published by sending them out - despite my confidence crisis - than I would if I didn't send them out!

Olivia Ryan is right in her latest post about not being afraid of rejection and that it is just part of the job for writers. We all get them, some more than others, but we only really fail if we stop writing and sending our manuscripts out there.

So off you go. Stock up on some stamps and envelopes. Put a new ink cartridge in your printer and get sending your work out and don't be afraid to tell the world about your successes and near misses - it's character building stuff for you, and gives the rest of those writers, who are struggling to get their heads around all the rejections, and who may becoming despondent, that there are people, just like them, who are getting published, and they will too - if they do the work and roll with the rejections.

Julie xx


klahanie said...

Hi Julie,
'Dingam', which means, 'a trainee bell ringer'. Whoops, sorry wrong blog:-)

You've got a great attitude. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'm sure that any rejection is a learning experience and makes you more determined than ever.
Happy writing and keep going.
Warm wishes, Gary.

Fee said...

Well done Julie nothing ventured nothing gained. Your determination will see you through.

Good luck


Olivia Ryan said...

Well said, Julie. It's great to have so many stories out there. They all stand a chance of being accepted! I believe in optimism!

Glynis Scrivens said...

Good post, Julie. I've bookmarked your blog on the strength of it.
I saw it mentioned on Olivia's (tried to leave a comment there but it didn't work - there wasn't a simple name option under choosing an identity)
anyone, I'll read your blog with interest from now on

Simon Whaley said...

Er...hello? "Had to send husband out to get stamps?" I hope you just sent him to get stamps and not your envelopes. A writer should NEVER miss an opportunity to visit Stationery Heaven (also known as Staples)

Julie P said...

Thank you, Gary. I love your defininition of 'Dingam'! It could be bell ringing pig too! Ding Ham!
That's how my mind is working at the moment but don't worry about it!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Fee. Yes you're quite right. You have to give it your best shot.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Olivia, and thanks again! I feel content when I know I have more than a couple of pieces out there awaiting a verdict but I won't be sending out any more this week as I need time to recover from my recent out put! Good luck with yours too. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you and everyone else who has stories out there.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, and welcome Glynis. I was just interested in showing other writers how many short stories I've send out and how many of those get accepted or rejected. And it was fascinating for me to read Olivia's stats too as it confirms that we are not alone in the rejection stakes!

I think a lot of writers get frustrated and put off writing when they get lots of rejections until they realise it's very much a part of the writers lot. So I hope this blog, and the other blogs advocating positive thinking in relation to their writing, will help those writers to carry on writing. I think it's a real shame when writers give up.

Thank you for book marking my blog.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Don't worry, Simon, I have saved the visit to Staples for myself! Oh yes! I have to choose my envelopes myself as I don't trust anyone else to do it! Besides, Staples belongs to me now I have my proper loyalty card and not just the cardboard one!

Can't get there until Saturday, though, so I'll probably have a whole list of things I need to get by then! Something to look forward to.

My husband says that I am hilarious in Staples. My pupils dilate and I sort of glide along as though I'm on castors. I practically drool at all the displays! And I have to sit in all the display chairs! Oh he so loves taking me to Staples - not!

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

You've been working so hard I wonder that you have any time left for blogging...well done, Julie. Have fingers crossed for good news on all your subs.


Julie P said...

Thanks, Suzanne, but you work hard too as do most other writers here in blog land. I'm having a rest from writing and subbing short stories over the weekend but I still have a few stories to finish from this latest batch to send out once the rejections start coming in!

You can tell I'm an old pro at this submitting game now can't you! Expect the worst and any acceptances are a bonus - whoops I shouldn't say that on a blog about being a positive writer should I?!

Let me rephrase that - send your manuscripts out there with positive thoughts and embrace the rejections as an opportunity to rewrite them and don't let acceptances go to your head but use them as a lever to write more publishable stories!

Julie xx

Elizabeth McKay said...

I've got a stationery fetish too, Julie. I'm not supposed to go into a stationer's nowadays unless I'm accompained by a responsible adult. Trouble is I don't know many responsible adults.

I'm particularly drawn to folders. Most people say, 'I have a lot of papers, I must buy a folder.' I say, 'I must buy that folder, now where can I find some papers to put in it.' And don't get me started on notebooks or I'll be here all day!

Well done on all your hard work. Hopefully it won't be too long before you reap your rewards.

PS: I hope this doesn't come up twice - something funny happened when I pressed 'publish'.

Julie P said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!

I'm the same. I'm not allowed in a stationary shop without my husband! He's not a responsible adult but he doesn't have a fetish for stationery supplies so can be relied on to keep a level(ish) head.

Mmmmm notebooks. Moleskines are my favourites at the moment but they are a bit on the expensive side. I haven't got a thing for folders as my husband will agree with (he's seen my piles!)

Your message only came up once so it must have been one of those strange blogspot/computer glitches that no one can every really explain!

Julie xx