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Monday, 17 August 2009

Proof at last that I'm not going mad!

You know when you think you had an email from a magazine accepting your short story submission and you've received the cheque. Do you wonder that it was all just some strange dream until you have the physical evidence sitting in front of you? Well I did. It all seemed surreal that I'd had a short story accepted in That's Life (Australia). I mean I'd been paid for it - I had the paperwork to prove I'd got a short story published but I didn't quite believe it myself. Does anyone know what I mean or have the same feelings? It's like writer's anonomous isn't it. "Hello, my name's Julie and I'm a writer and I've had a short story published in That's Life - I think?!"

Well, I contacted the editor and very politely explained that it was the first story I'd had published and I'd like a copy of the mag. It arrived today! So it's true; I wasn't dreaming; it did happen!! And what's more - seeing it in print has made me even more determined to get another story published. So if you don't hear from me for a while, you know where I am and what I'm doing!!

Julie xx (Who is even more over excited and enthusiastic about writing than usual.)


A Write Blog said...

Congratulations Julie.

Suzanne Jones said...

WHEY HEY - well done, you.

And they've given you a terrific illustration, too.


Julie P said...

Thanks, John. I just have to keep writing and sending the stories off now - despite the fact I haven't had any accepted since that one!

Julie xx

Carole Anne Carr said...

How marvellous,Julie, I'm so pleased for you! Carole xx

Diane Perry said...

That is so brilliant, that picture looks a bit like me!! Well done, you must be so proud.

love Di

Olivia Ryan said...

I'm so pleased for you Julie! There's nothing like that feeling of seeing your work in print, holding it in your hands. Enjoy it, feel the pride you deserve, and then frame it or keep it somewhere really special! Oh, and have some chocolate to celebrate!

Teresa Ashby said...

That's brilliant Julie! Congratulations!
Love the illustration.
Keep writing!!

Simon Whaley said...

Love the illustration to this.

But getting worried now. So if Di was your inspiration for this story, which member of Wrekin Writers are you seeking inspiration from next?

Julie P said...

Thanks, Suzanne! It is a great illustration isn't it. Thank you Shirley Chiang.

Thanks, Carole! We missed you at the WW meeting.

Oh Diane! The inspiration for the story in the first place with your marvellous chooks! Thank you, thank you, thank you! She does look a bit like you! Spooky!

Thanks, Olivia, Simon Whaley suggested I frame it too, and hang it in front of me on the wall so if I have a wobble in my self confidence I can see that I have done it and I will do it again!

Thanks, Teresa and I definately will keep writing. It's really hard before you've had anything published to carry on writing but such a boost to your confidence when you do! You must be on cloud nine all of the time, Teresa! You've had hundreds published! You do realise that you are our guru don't you!

Oh Simon! My secret is out! No one is safe at Wrekin Writers from my pen! Well, I've used Di, and Darren and Nicola appear in the aticle to be published in Writers' Forum. Then there's the article about the Writers' bash for which there's a photo of me, Nicola, Barbara, Sue, Chris, and Angeline for the October Link mag!

Now who shall I choose next? Mmmmmm I wonder! I don't think I'd better choose Mike! Unless it was for a more 'racier' short story! You can run but you can't hide, Wrekin Writers.

Now which writer was it who has a lady stalker?! Got to be a story in there somewhere!

I'm going to be sitting on my own in the far coener at the next meeting aren't I because everyone will be too scared to talk to me in case they end up in an article or story!

Julie xx

PS Carole, Di, Simon and I belong to the same writing group! You can just imagine what goes on there can't you?!

Fee said...

Well done congratulations you have made it. You have your inspiration and you are an inspiration to many.

Certainly get it framed. Who knows your cats may be your next story.

Best wishes


Julie P said...

Thank you Fee, but I still have a long way to go as I've yet to get another short story published since the chicken one.

But, at least I know I can, and have done it once so I'm just going to have to work harder to get another one published.

Julie xx