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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Verifying words

Has any one else noticed how useful the 'words' are we punch in as a verification code everytime we comment on a blog? Don't you think some of them make excellent character or place names for our writing?! You could even make a poem up by placing some of these words in it. Or why not have a poem made up completely with these 'non-words? The use of made up words worked for the Jabberwocky!Why not give it a try? Keep a list of all the verification 'words' you've typed in for a week and see what you come up with. You may be surprised by how much this inspires you!

Julie xx


Teresa Ashby said...

Great idea! We get some funny words don't we . . the one I have here today is lizes . . . (is that a lot of fibs?)

Carole Anne Carr said...

Had to try this!....it's argierv! Hmmmmm - slang term for arguing? Can do without that today, battling with illustrations and driving myself mad...


Innovative Wine said...

Hi Julie,

The verification words would make good fodder for a little creative writing.

A Google search for "ancei", the verification word for this comment brings up links to a few hotels and restaurants in Italy which pretty much makes me want to travel and eat rather than wax poetic.

I posted a comment a few minutes ago and the word was "hooter" which I think I will pass on altogether. :)

Congratulations by the way on your publishing success! Perseverance pays off. The energy you put into your writing shows and I am sure this will be the start of much more to come.


klahanie said...

And the verification word is: 'palotion'. Which means, 'a cream you smear on your friends'?
Now then, some of the words that have come up for verification, have been, shall I say, somewhat rude. Perhaps 'blogger' is trying to tell me something:-)
Maybe I should switch the verification setting back on my blog, so folks could have a great time with your idea.
Take good care, Julie.
Kind wishes, Gary....(righty ho Gary, type in the verification word)

Julie P said...

Lizes! Hah, I love it, Teresa! Sounds a bit down the South West way doesn't it! Ooh Arg tis true I sayz. I tells you no lizes! PS I just got the new Woman's Weekly fiction special and shall am looking forward to reading the stories you have in there soon! Well done!

Yes it does sound a bit aggravated that word argierv doesn't it - we'd better stay out of your way!!
Hope it's all going well still.

Thanks, Roger - I like all those glasses of wine in your picture -bad day was it?!! I can just imagine the Hotel ancei. It sounds mediterranean doesn't it. And thanks for your comments re my writing and perseverance. It's so true. If you keep going and keep learning and improving you will get there eventually. I think a lot of people give up too easily and too early in their attempts to become published.But I shall be here with my false teeth and walking frame still trying no matter how long it takes!

Take care everyone and whatever your writing or non-writing dream is, I hope you achieve it.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

You haven't had the same problem as Roger with his 'hooter' have you, Gary?!! I am intrigued by what the purpose of the 'palotion' that you smear on your friends is!

My word was 'pummy' - sounds like a cross between a parent and a mummy - a single parent? Who knows?

Oooh I can see we're going to have fun with these! In a weeks time I want to see those verification words in a poem or in a list with their definitions created by us of course!

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

This is a great idea, Julie.


PS word verification: coluth ???? Will have to think about that one.

Julie P said...

You big Coluth!!Sounds similar to the Australian insult of you big Gollah, Suzanne! Or it could be a mixture of collude and truth - colluding to find the truth?!! Oh no - what have we started here! We shall have made up our own language and be recognised as an independent country by the time the weeks out!

Julie xx

Julie xx

Simon Whaley said...

Ooh - "Tergess". Sounds like something I have to put up with at Wrekin Writers!

Julie P said...

It sounds like a nasty infectious disease, Simon! Oooh I've a got a touch of the old Tergess today! Can't get off the loo!


Olivia Ryan said...

Julie, you have a very creative mind! And you're quite right - the words often make me chuckle; I must make a point of writing them down.
Mine, here, is 'ingean'. Obviously a word to describe my favourite style of dress...

Julie P said...

Thanks, Olivia. I think there are several other words people might describe my mind as other than creative! I think the words 'mad,' and 'quirky' may be on the list somewhere!!

Oooh ingean! Yes - it could be a new phrase they coin on the cat walks of all the famous and best fashion shows!

Julie xx