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Monday, 31 August 2009

Verily, I say ......

I bid thee welcome, kind ladies and gentlemen. Please be seated for tonight I present to thee,verily, yea olde verification worde one act play.

Scene: An underground dungeon deep beneath Warwick castle in the 16th century. Bobsnot and Peewart have been imprisoned here for twenty years and are sick of the sight of each other. Each one blames the other for their incarceration. A strange and unpleasant illness involving the prolonged ventage of excess wind and sores upon the nether regions of those poor souls afflicted has run rampant through the prisoners. We join Bobsnot and Peewart after another long and arduous day.

Bobsnot: "Skisod! I say. Thee sereet upestion! How dare thee grapa with my verneara. Thee did enough damage the last time thee gualized it with emanagn - I shall never recover."

Peewart: "Conney thee no prort, sire, for I tastain your exteder dealizes and beg your gariness. But was it not thee, sire, who amided my dezyd first? The doctor said, after administering the renrixin that, if that failed to work, I would be forever nutil and unable to prevent the passage of wind.

Bobsnot: "Oh what such lativer thee tell, sir. Thee are perfectly capable and have no problem in your ventliz from your dialkwan, as is proven from the hot air exuding from your foldstr (fans air with hand and pinches his nose.) Myestsp! I gatedi thee, sir."

It's okay - I promise I will get sleeping pills soon - honest!

Come on then, lets have your verification word pieces! Oh what have we let ourselves in for!

Julie xx


Diane Perry said...

Hi Julie

'Trontio' is Tonto's brother and he as just galloped into the Castle grounds followed by 'Fingle' a very naughty little unicorn.


Julie P said...

Oh no - not the naughty unicorn! Who knows what will happen next. If Tonto and the lone ranger shout 'Hi ho silver' what does trontio shout?!


Diane Perry said...

Probably the next word verification word that comes up!As long as it's not a rude one!


Julie P said...

Tee hee! Yes some of those words do look and sound a bit suspect don't they?!