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Friday, 4 September 2009

An interesting and reflective week

It's not been a bad week, if the truth be told, in the Phillips household. We are now ready for our daughter's first day at school on Monday and neither she or me can wait! We are both so excited. It was her 5th birthday today and I've suddenly realised that my little baby is not a baby any more - she's a big girl now! How did that happen?

I'm feeling a bit guilty as I'm not in the least bit anxious or tearful about her going to school. I feel like I should be sobbing into my apron but I don't see it as the end of an era or the end of her toddler days. I am pleased that she is going. And my confidence in her going to school is a testament to the quality of the school she's going to. I have recently been appointed as a school Govenor there too, so impressed I am with the school and I see it as a new opportunity for both of us.

She gets to learn lots of new things; I get to learn about and become involved with the running of the school; I get to have more writing time! It's about time I got out into the world again and learned some new skills - as I don't work outside of the home I do tend to become a bit of a hermit sometimes and hibernate. So it's a celebration all round!

I thought today was going to be a disaster as her dad was ill this morning and with it being her birthday and his grumpiness was in bed - things were going to get pretty noisy with her cousins coming too! But he had recovered sufficiently enough to join us by 1pm.

All day, my husband has been playing dolls with my daughter - it was so funny and sweet to hear them. He was debating with her about which outfit looked better on her new doll! I wish you could have seen it - he was adamant that the jeans outfit didn't look as good on the doll as the dress. He's now become a Trinny and Susannah type personal dresser/adviser. I said to him 'Dave, listen to yourself!' As we speak he is on her v-smile computer game on the TV and he is 'designing' dresses on there with Isobel. He has just said ' oh that peach coloured bow looks lovely on all the dresses doesn't it, Isobel?' The scene in the film 'Stardust' where Captain Shakespeare is dressed in women's clothes, dancing to the Can Can music springs to mind. I'm sure I'll come home one day and catch my husand dressed to the nines in women's clothes! They are now arguing about what colours to use and which designs look best! Got to be a short story or two in there somewhere - probably not suitable for People's Friend though eh?!

Dad: 'No, no! I didn't want that top.'

Isobel: Giggles. 'Give it to me. Give it to me,'(the games console) giggle.

Dad: 'No. Just one more go. I want to try a different colour combination!'

Isobel: 'But it's my game, Dad!'

Good point, Isobel!!

No more news on my submissions that are out there, but I did get a £25 cheque through the post this morning for my comments that were published in Prima mag. And I had a letter printed in Writers' News about the lovely Richard Bell - have you seen his smiling face in there? He runs the comps and I always giggle when I see his face in the magazine.

My husband has just shouted 'No, Isobel, you're going to ruin my dress!'


I'd better go and restore peace.

Have a nice writing weekend wherever you are and whatever you're writing about.

I am collecting the first batch of the Wellington Town Council Short Story Comp entries tomorrow as I'm one of the judges and I haven't finished judging the Doris Gooderson ones yet - going to be rather busy aren't I?!

My husband is now singing 'Cinderella' karoake!!

Julie xx


Fran Hill said...

Hope the first school week goes well. I didn't sob into my apron either. There's a time for them to be independent and I think if they know you appreciate that, it gives them confidence. You might get a lump in your throat on the first day though - take tissues with you, even if not the apron!

Teresa Ashby said...

Lovely positive post, Julie!
Wish you could have recorded the goings on with the game!
I think I have always dreaded first days at school because I hated it so much when I was there (and apart from that I'm going to miss having Lachlan around - but that's me being selfish!)
He didn't have to start school until he's five next year, but he's ready for it now and keen as mustard.
Sounds as if Isobel is raring to go and ready for it too! She'll love it!

(Word is ectormas which sounds vaguely spooky!)

Olivia Ryan said...

Hope the first day at school goes well Julie! It's lovely that you are approaching it in such a positive way. I hate to say it, I cried when all 3 of mine started so it was definitely my fault if they were a bit traumatised themselves! What a dope I was.

I saw your letter in Writers News! Well done, you! I knew it was you! And you're right - Richard Bell is lovely. I still remember the day he phoned me back in about 1995(I was at my desk at the hospital) to say my story that had already won a first prize, had been selected as 'Winner of Winners' for that year. (I don't think they do that any more?). I was so hysterical with excitement - and he was so sweet and excited for me. Their competitions have been the starting point for so many writers' careers.

FRATEU. A kind of fruit pudding, I think!

Suzanne Jones said...

Congratulations. My Writers' News hasn't arrived yet - but will look out for your letter (we've had postal strikes, so am not too concerned, yet).