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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tweet Tweet

I have decided to keep up with the young and trendy by succumbing to temptation and starting to tweet on twitter! I have resisted the urge so far as Lord knows I have enough procrastination and diversion activities in place to stop me from writing - but I thought I'd give it a go and see what all the fuss was about! I had been on all of seven seconds when I got the usual rogue introductory tweet from someone who - how can I put this politely - wanted to know if I wanted to see them naked!! It was a woman - now I have no problem with same sex relationships but I prefer my happily married to a man status. I have no desire to see anyone else naked - except perhaps Ricky Martin or Simon King!

One of my recent articles to a free community magazine was on this very subject - no! Not who I'd like to see naked! But are we losing the art of communication by the rapid growth of all these Internet based social networking sites as opposed to face to face communication. So as I'd written on the subject I thought I'd better give twitter a go! It might throw up some short story ideas - who knows. My only problem with blogging and Facebooking and twittering is that you might be found by someone you don't want to be found by!

You ain't seen me right!

Now what is my blog about? Oh yes - writing. So I guess I'd better give you an update on my writing progress to date. Still no news on any of the short stories I have out there, or articles. I'm finding this rather frustrating but I used that energy to write a complete 1300 word short story last night - so at least I have another story to edit and send out as soon as a rejected one wings its way back to me! I haven't written any poems or sent out any readers letters to mags/newspapers - which is unusual for me - no I haven't run out of things to moan about but I'm using my writing time for other writing projects at the moment. But just give me time!

Julie xx


Fran Hill said...

Hi - followed you here from Simon Whaley's blog! Sounds like you're working very hard on getting stories out there. Good luck with them. Hope the acceptances start rolling in. By the way, the word verification was 'swisobam'. Sounds violent! I wouldn't like to be swizobammed, put it that way.

Olivia Ryan said...

Hi Julie, well done on attempting to tweet, or twit, or whatever. I've only recently started on Facebook and feel that I'm now totally at saturation point with internet socialising! Not sure that we're losing the art of communication - just that we spend too much time at it!!

If you get 'found' by someone you don't want to be found by - just don't let them be your friend. Just like the playground, really, isn't it!

'Snarvol' - a small, vicious, animal that tunnels underground.

Julie P said...

Hi, Fran and welcome to my blog. I'm still working on my short stories but, alas, no further acceptances so far.

No. I wouldn't like to be swizobammed either!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

I know what you mean, Olivia! This social networking lark can get a bit addictive, can't it. I must admit that I've only twittered once since I joined and I rarely go on Facebook - it's all so easy to become absorbed into it and neglect the writing, which I don't want to happen - everything in moderation!

Oh, I can just picture your snarvol! It's like a cross between a pig and a warthog, a grunting sunffling thing with a bite and bad temper!

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

Ooooh, Ricky Martin naked, now there's a thought.

I'm v. impressed with your twittering know-how. Twitter's beyond me. To be honest, I don't know how I managed to start blogging.