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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The bare faced cheek!

I've had this issue brewing in my head for a couple of weeks now and just have to get it off my chest as it's doing my head in! Two weeks ago my daughter came home with the wrong cardigan on. It's okay we thought, we'll just wash the one she came home in and return it to school the next day and the parent of the other kid who has my daughter's cardigan will do the same. Hah! Did they heck.

My husband has asked the teacher on several occasions to check and look for it in the class room and I've now asked twice too - to no avail. It's been slowly building up and I'm actually quite mad about it now. The teacher first thought that the parent who had my daughter's cardigan hadn't realised and wouldn't do until it was washed. But I think we are long past that excuse now and I know that one of the other parents has probably snipped my daughter's name tag out and has nicked it for their own kid.

I am absolutely disgusted by this. The thought that one of the other parents would stoop so low and pinch the clothes off another child's back has left a nasty taste in my mouth. While their child is swanning round in a new cardigan that doesn't belong to them my daughter has to make do with one cardigan! It's not as though they are cheap either - it's one with the school logo on. And I refuse to buy another one on principle. Why should I subsidise a thief?!

I did ask all the parents outside the class room this morning to check at home but I don't hold up much hope. I am not going to buy her another one and will be requesting a replacement cardigan from the school free of charge tomorrow. It went missing at the school so whether it's gone missing by mistake or someone's stolen it is irrelevant to me, if the school can't find it or find out who has stolen it then they can replace it!

You wouldn't believe that parents would stoop so low would you. I was brought up to know that stealing was wrong and I certainly have my suspicions as to who has pinched it. Logic says to me that it's the parent of the child whose cardigan we had, only according to the teacher they are denying it. Yes, well they would do wouldn't they. I can't believe the school's lax attitude towards what is, in effect, theft! And I'm very cautious about chatting to any of the other parents now as I know one of them is a thief!

I hope, for the school's and my daughter's sake that I'm wrong and her cardigan will be returned to me. How do you explain to a five year old that one of their class mate's parents has stolen her cardigan?!

It's deplorable. I can't believe the cheek and downright sneakiness of some people. Still I'm sure there is a short story, poem and article in there somewhere!



Suzanne Jones said...

Julie, can I join in your rant?

I can't tell you how many items of clothing my daughter's lost this way. It annoys me so much. All her stuff is named, but frequently, someone else will pick up one of her items and leave their unamed garment in its place. I know immediately if she brings something home that's not hers (I don't know if this is because of washing powder/softner), but I understand a lot of the yummy mummies at our place don't do their own washing, so they probably don't even realise.

The latest in a long list is a £40 track suit top with the school logo. All the girls have the same one for gym, so the only identification is the name tag. I've resorted to scrawling her name in indelible ink all over the inside lining of the replacement (I can't afford for her to lose another one).

I know another mother who has started to stitch a name tag into the sleeves of her children's blazers because previously somone ripped out one of the name tags (the blazer was only identified through a mark on the sleeve on that occasion).

We're talking about senior pupils here - so they have to take as much responsibility as their parents.

Like you, I'd immediately return any item that's not ours to the lost and found (or get my daughter to hand it to the child in question if it's named).

I hope your wee one gets her cardie back.

Sorry for hi-jacking your blog.


Julie P said...

It's so maddening isn't it! Some people reading this blog may be thinking I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill but it's the principle of it. I don't earn anything at the moment and I know my husband can't afford to replace the cardigan - but that is beside the point. As I said, I don't see why I should subsidise a thief and buy another cardigan which they are also going to pinch.

I've said to the class room assistant that unless the school can find out who the thief is or find her cardigan they can reimburse me or give me a new cardigan, otherwise my daughter will have to wear one of her own cardigans that aren't school colours. I'm not bothered either way!

I think the school are fed up of me moaning! But I don't see why the parents who have the morals of a snake should be allowed to get away with it and we parents who were brought up properly are expected to ignore this fact and subsidise them! Not this parent I'm afraid. The school can make of it what they will!

£40! My god - I'd have called the police for that! Theft is theft.

Julie xx