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Monday, 26 October 2009

Book written!

At the grand old age of five my daughter has 'written' her first 'book'! It's a two page picture book involving a palace, a king on his horse and an alien space ship. Now there's a plot if every I heard one! I had to help her spell out a few words as she wrote them, but the words are her own. Chip off the old block. And of course mummy had to write one two. Mine involves a princess trapped in the palace and the aliens come in their spaceship to rescue her! I know it's hardly original but my daughter insisted that I did the same pictures as her. So I have been crayoning like crazy this morning.

We had a great time. Now she's at school full time we don't often have chance to do activities like this together, just the two of us, so I cherish these moments like gold. It's also given me an idea to put to the school to see if we can't have a couple of kid's creative writing sessions where the class make a huge picture book they write and illustrate and we all read together. I'll let you know what happens!

Then we got into watching The Sarah Jane Adventures on CBBC the kids channel. It's a spin off from one of my favourite shows Dr Who, and it's the same Sarah Jane who was Dr Who's assistant(too many years ago to mention without admitting how old I am.) I love kids TV and it contains so many good ideas for writers - not just those who write for children! So, if you have young kids, and even if you don't, why not, when you have a spare few moments, tune into the kid's Tv channels and have a look? You might be inspired to write aomething. We decided to draw and colour in a face of the worst, ugliest, scariest alien we could. I have added the drawings above for your perusal!

It's the first day of the half term hols today and I was poorly with a sore throat and general lurgy yesterday but at 4am this morning my daughter woke up crying with a sore neck and a cough that sounded a lot like whooping cough to me but as she's had the vaccinations I knew it couldn't be. After we gave her some Ibuprofen she settled into bed with me and once the medication kicked in she was chattering away nineteen-to-the-dozen as I was trying to sleep (I'm not a morning person so being woken at 4am and kept awake is a real tragedy and ordeal for me!!)She's fairing much better now but is still snuffling and coughing a bit. My throat still feels like sand paper but at least I don't feel as though I'm going to keel over if I move my head today.

I haven't done any writing, yet, today as I'm treasuring every second I have with my daughter, but I have three articles on the go: two I'm editing tonight to email out tomorrow am and a third I will pitch to an editor this evening. I'm still catching up with myself as I've had quite a few good ideas for articles but it's just getting the time and inclination to see them through to the end. Having this cold thing and it being half term hasn't helped - it's really slowed me down. But maybe that's what I needed!

No other rejections or acceptances on work I have out there. We still have posties delivering around here so I still had an arrhythmia when I heard the post flop through the door this am. I find waiting for editors to make their minds up frustrating. I know they are incredibly busy and my manuscript is just one of hundreds they are looking at but the only way I know how to ease that tension while I wait is to get on and write/submit something else somewhere else! With four planned submissions this week I'm certainly keeping myself busy and I would much rather have lots of ideas to act on than none at all.

Hope everyone else is getting on okay with their writing. We're on the NaNo countdown and I, thankfully, have an idea for a novel and it's in a genre I have never, ever, thought about or wanted to write in before. So I'm quite excited about that! I will, of course, be telling you all about my progress on NaNo as I go along.

Take care

Julie xx


Suzanne Jones said...

Well I'd buy that book - it sounds fab. Such fun to write with your child, they have such active imaginations when they're small. And a great idea for a school activity - you and the children will get so much out of it. We went to a similar make-a-picture book thing at the Edinbugh BookFest a few years back (when my 13-year-old was young enough to be receptive to such ideas) and had a blast. I've been trying to persuade her to take part in NaNo with me, but she's not interested (yes, I've signed up - WelshWitch).

Enjoy your half term. Am a bit jealous as we're back to school/work tomorrow.


Rob Innis said...

I am currently on a Chris Sykes creative writing course, and he comments on how creative children are because they are not bound by the 'whats right' like us adults are. Hope the creative writing for children idea works out, meantime I am trying to turn the clock back to make my mind more creative...

Teresa Ashby said...

That's just lovely - she's going to be a writer like her mum.
Hope the school take you up on the idea - it sounds like great fun.

Carole Anne Carr said...

How wise you are to treasure every moment, I am so envious. Lovely to see her first book!
Good luck with Nano, shall be looking forward to hearing about it soon. Hugs...xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Rob. I think it does us good, as people, to look back to how we were as a child and I think it's facinating how kids learn to write and aren't tethered to the restraints in their creativity as we adults tend to be.

I'm looking forward to trying to get my idea off the ground in school - but I suspect they already do something creative writing wise there but I'd still love to be a part of it.

Julie xx
That course sounds great!

Julie P said...

Hi, Carole, and thanks. My daughter really is a sweetie. We had a great morning but then in the afternoon she spiked a temperature again and was crying with a sore throat again, bless her. She's gone to bed now and seems better. One of those cold things. Her imagination is amazing.

Looking forward to NaNo now too - can I do it?!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Teresa. She always loves writing and telling stories, drawing. She sees me writing and has to have a go herself - it's sweet!

I'll put my idea to the school when I've settled in as a volunteer a bit. I think it would be great fun too!

Julie xx

Martin H. said...

Hi Julie

Just getting over influenza myself and that first picture looks how I felt!

The idea for starting a creative writing project in the school is a great one. I'd be really interested to hear how that goes.

As for 'kid's TV', I'm a bit picky but I am a big fan of 'Grandpa In My Pocket'.

Julie P said...

Hi, Martin.

I hope you're feeling much better now. It's a nasty one this time of year. I thought my alien was a self portrait!

I will certainly post about how the creative project goes.

Oh my daughter loves Grandpa in My Pocket. I like it when he takes off in the plane! I'm quite into Trapped at the moment too. Oh and have you seen those pesky Ooglies?!
They're stunning.

Julie xx

Julie P said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Simon Whaley said...

So you haven't done any writing today? Er ... what's this blog posting then?

Now I feel a challenge coming on. Who will get their book published first? Mummy, or daughter? Glad you had great fun. That's what half terms are all about!

Julie P said...

Okay, okay! So technically I have done some writing! Aren't you supposed to be in the Lake District somewhere shacked up in a hut? ;0)

You will be pleased to know I have submitted another article today. I think, the way I'm going, my daughter will be a published author first!

Julie xx