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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Four Seasons In One Day

It was so cold when I ventured out my front door to take my daughter to school and my husband, who left the house for work at 630am this morning, told me there was frost on the car. But what a difference when I left to pick her up again this afternoon. It's brilliant sunshine and quite warm. I was surprised. Talk about four seasons in one day, all we need now are a few 'April' showers and we'll have a full house!

My writing has been a bit eclectic today too. I started off by penning the first drafts of a couple of poems that popped into my head on the way home from school this morning. Then I finished the first draft of a writing assignment on article writing. I then typed a letter off in response to some news I read in the local free newspaper we get delivered once a week, to the Shropshire Star.

There was some kerfuffle about an open cast mine being proposed in an area not too far from where I live and I'd signed an on-line petition to try and stop it. Fat lot of use it did as I've heard today that it's got the go ahead! Hence the letter. So I've signed another on-line petition calling for a 500m buffer zone of no mining around the mine site. It probably won't change anything but at least I feel I'm trying to do something to lessen the impact this blight within what is a beautiful area by the Wrekin will be. Not to mention the health implications, loss of wild life and flora, it makes me feel sick just thinking about it.

Then, just to make me feel even more cheerful, I received a rejection from Take A Break magazine! I knew what it was as soon as I heard the envelope shluck on to my door mat. Actually, it didn't make me feel as bad as rejections can sometimes make me feel and I found myself just shrugging and telling myself that it wasn't the end of the world. I then did another edit on it and sent it off to another magazine! So watch this space.

I've sent two other short stories off this week: one to The Weekly News (they're changing fiction editors soon while Jill goes on maternity leave - so it could be interesting to see which road the fiction section takes with the new, temporary editor) and the other to My Weekly. I always feel nervous sending stuff off to My Weekly due to all the rules and regulations about spaces and everything else!

I had a poem published in First Edition magazine today and my lovely husband remembered and he ventured into town to buy me a copy in his lunch break. I thought I'd get a contributor's copy through the post today but I didn't - it will probably come tomorrow now (with another rejected story, well at least the mag with my poem in will help to soften the blow!)

I still haven't had my feature about my local amateur dramatic group in the local newspaper yet but I'm looking forward to seeing it. I've also booked my tickets to go and see their forthcoming production, the one I've been watching some of the rehearsals too.

I hope everyone's writing is going well, and even if it isn't, keep going, you will succeed in the end.

Julie xx

Oh yes. I've just read that it's Betty Boothroyd's(former Speaker of the House of Commons) eightieth birthday today. I'm very fond of her because she handed me my degree at the award ceremony in Birmingham in 2000. And yes, when, as in the house of commons the politicians got a bit rowdy, and the spectators of the award ceremony were whooping and cheering, she did, with a cheeky grin and a wink, utter those famous words "Order, order. I will have order in this house!" Happy days.


Suzanne Jones said...

Julie, I feel dizzy just reading about how busy you've been.


Julie P said...

So do I, Suzanne! I'm going to have to slow down a bit I think. It's the weekend coming up so I think a visit to the seaside might be order on Sunday.

Got to play sometimes!

Oh, how's you eye/nose?

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

Thanks for asking, still giving me problems. But a good excuse for whinging - every cloud has a silver lining.


Simon Whaley said...

Congratulations on your First Edition publication. And congratulations on getting your hubby to go and get you a copy for you. You have got him well trained!

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Hi Julie,

Keep pressing forward! Things happen in their own time.

One of the things missing on this side of the pond is the debate style of your House of Commons. The gentlemanly ways they verbally eviscerate one another is quite the spectacle and in my opinion make the arguments more credible. They are certainly more fun to watch. One of my bucket list goals is to sit in the gallery during one of your Prime Minister question sessions.

Your willingness to share your successes and rejections is very inspiring and a large part of what will be your ultimate breakthrough.


Julie P said...

Yes, Suzanne, the ability to whinge is a pleasure we should all delight in! It's all we have sometimes!

I hope your nose recovers soon and that we can find something else to whinge about!

I am particulary fond of the grumpy old men/grumpy old women series and I think I'm hurtling towards becoming a grumpy old woman!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Simon - and congtars on breaking in to Fiction Feast! iI know you've had a battle with that one so the success should be even more sweet. May it be the first of many. I've got to get a copy of that at the weekend. There's hope for us all now!

Oh I think my husband was just thinking about what would happen if he didn't get me a copy of First Edition!


Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Roger and thanks for your kind comments. I think the main thing is that we keep keep writing, improving, and sending our work out there - no matter how painful and how many rejections we get.

I would say, though, that if writers are getting many rejections one after the other then I think they need to get some kind of critique from a published writer or maybe think about doing a writing course. It's no good continually writing stuff that just isn't getting published.

I think once we know where we are going wrong and were we can improve it's very empowering and we can move forward with our writing.

I love the House of Commons too, Roger. Most of the debates seem dry and snooze worthy - but they do get quite heated in some of them - these people are in charge of this country!!

I hope you achieve your dream to sit in and watch the fun!

Julie xx