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Friday, 30 October 2009

Great Interview

Had a great interview with Liam O'Connell, Business and culture change consultant, professional speaker and author at his office in Shifnal. I also met his wonderful business manager who keeps him on the straight and narrow!

I now have a wealth of material for a few articles and it you are feeling demotivated, or you don't think you can carry on towards your dream - whatever that may be - take a look at his colourful website here and if you want to find out more about his work take a look at his fantastic self published book Don't Feed The Ducks! ISBN 978-1-906316-04-4 Word4Word (now known as HotHive) 2007. I promise you that you will never look at ducks in the same way again and your enthusiasm and motivational levels will hit the roof.

The workshop Liam gave to Wrekin Writers' writing group back in June/July time this year certainly kicked me into gear and I felt privileged that he agreed to be interviewed by me today. He provided photos and loads of info too which makes life a whole lot easier. I knew spending 45 mins with Liam would make me feel better about the three rejections I received today and it did! I have got my Liam fix and am once more chanting "I can and I will!" and "Don't feed the ducks!"

Thanks Liam. Look out for his new book coming up in early 2010 My Fire's Gone Out! It's all about coping with change and how to reignite your fire - and with the recent recession it's a book worth reading. Although his work and books focus primarily on work and business culture and change - he does look at the issues surrounding life as well and his words can help your writing life too. It's all about positive mental attitude and doing rather than just moaning about it (we're all guilty of whinging but doing nothing to change our situation!)

So do something about it and start working towards the writing career you want.

Happy writing
Julie xx


Suzanne Jones said...

Sounds like a fantastic interview.


Julie P said...

It was, Suzanne. Now I've just got to sit down and write the features now! I can see my duck and it's winking at me!

Julie xx