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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Great success!

It's not my success I want to trumpet today but I'm always keen to congratulate fellow writers when they achieve success with their writing. Keith Large from Leicester originally submitted his wonderfully funny short story The Carrot Nappers to First Edition magazine who published it and I believe it won best story in that edition. Correct me if I'm wrong, Keith! He also had a poem in the same issue so his win might have been for that.

Well, he has now turned that story into a fantastic stage play to be staged in Cambridge in Nov this year and he is well chuffed! He has done so well with his writing and has every right to feel proud of himself. It's a great achievement. The actress who has been cast to play the female role of Lisa, Genevieve Cleghorn, has worked with Billy Zane and Danny John Jules (the cat from Red Dwarf) as well as being the dancer in the latest Sony Play Station advert! So Keith is over the moon that she will be part of the cast in his play.

Here is a link to Genevieve Cleghorn's showreel on You Tube in a different play. WARNING in the scene shown the actresses are discussing something of a delicate nature! (sex) so if you're a bit sensitive don't watch it! But it gives you an idea of her acting skills. She's the dark haired woman. Click HERE if you want to watch it. It's very good and I have no doubt the the play will be a roaring success. So well done Keith and keep up the good work!

Isn't it inspiring to hear of other writer's successes? It proves it can be done
and that's so motivating.

A member of Wrekin Writers, Chris Owen, also a member of Horsehay Amateur Dramatic Society, the group I spent time with recently also wrote a play which the group performed a few months ago. Okay, it was a local performance but there's no reason why these things can't become national. Well done Chris!

I'm not a playwright but I admire these two writers for their efforts - it certainly paid off.

Well done to both

Julie xx


klahanie said...

Hi Julie,
I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of your fellow writers on their ongoing success.
As a know, I just write as merely a therapeutic exercise. However, I am fascinated by those of you who pursue writing as more than just a hobby, but indeed, more as a career.
Speaking of playwrights; my brother, Andrew Templeton, is a well-known Vancouver playwright.
Anyway, Julie, good luck to you and all your writing friends, whatever the genre.
Kind wishes, your way, Gary x

Julie P said...

Thanks, Gary, that's really kind of you. I think whatever the reason people write the important thing is to enjoy the process of writing. As I know you and I and our fellow bloggers do.

Since I spent some time with the drama group I did a feature on I've been intrigued by playwrights and the whole process and hard work of producing a play to performance standard so well done to your brother.

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

Always great to hear good news about writers. Congratulations to both. And thank you, Julie, for highlighting these stories.


Julie P said...

It is isn't it, Suzanne. We are a very successful group of bloggers aren't we?! And long may it continue.

Julie xx