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Friday, 9 October 2009

Peace Prize?

Just heard that Barak Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. I have to say I'm a bit shocked by it. I have no interest in American, British, or any other country's politics. But I'm not sure he should have had a peace prize bestowed upon him - not so soon into his Presidency. The news reporter on ITN has just said that he thought the Peace Prize was awarded to him as a reward for not being George Bush!! What has that got to do with it?!

There must be other people on this planet who have worked hard for years for world peace they could have given it too? When I see coffin after coffin of young soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan I have to question what the world, particularly those who consider the candidates for the prize, view as 'world peace.'
How do they define it? Can we justify bombing anywhere in the world and killing civilians alongside soldiers and alleged terrorists in the name of 'peace'?

I'm aware that the current war is not Obama's fault - but I really do think there has to be a resolution to the conflict soon. How many more innocent people have to end up in a body bag before the governments involved call an end to it all. It all seems crazy to me.

There is a real danger from terrorism and I know we have to try and make the world a safer and more tolerant place where people don't have to be afraid to go on the tube, or train, or bus, or sit in a public place in case they get blown up. But that fear gets reawaken every few years. Think of the IRA and the troubles in Ireland, 9/11, The bombings in London, It goes on and on. Can we ever truly be safe? It's a funny old world out there - a real melting pot and there will always be extremists who want the world their way and on their terms. I don't know what the answer is - I don't think any one does.

I know they said he got it partly because of his plans to have a world without nuclear weapons but will that ever happen? He's got a tough time ahead of him I think. I mean I have been impressed by Barak Obama's speeches and as a man he seems sincere and determined. He appears to be a very charismatic man. He has already made history by being the first black person to be the President of the USA and that's significant. But personally I don't think race, colour or creed should come into it. I'd like to believe he became President because he is the right person for the job.

I just hope that he achieves what he proposes on the issue of world peace so that I can look back and see that his Nobel Prize win is warranted. Have they awarded it before the fact - for his potential, not what he's actually done to date?

I'm hoping some of our American friends in Blog Land can shed some light on this subject and I hope they will excuse my ignorance on the subject.I hope no one will be offended by my post as there is absolutely no offence meant. I'm just curious as I don't understand how the peace prize works. What's the word in America?

Julie xx


The Buddhist Conservative said...

Hi Julie,

We live in interetsting times. I am a political activist but not one of the extreme right wingers you see on the news. My soapbox has always been to promote responsibility from government officials. I am a supporter of actions over words and what happened today is sad. There are so many people who actually deserve this award.

There is a vocal contingent of Americans who's vitriolic hatred for George Bush has placed our current President at a level close to God in their eyes for just the fact that his rhetoric is different.

He has yet to accomplish any of his lofty promises and our economy is still bleeding hundreds of thousands of jobs each month regardless of reports that the economy is "at least getting worse slower".

There were 205 nominees this year for the Nobel Peace Prize. While the names of the nominees are not released for 50 years it is rumored that one of them was Greg Mortenson, founder of the Central Asia Institute.

If you have read 'Three Cups of Tea', you are familiar with the man who has built nearly 80 schools, especially for girls, in remote areas of northern Pakistan and Afghanistan over the past 15 risking his life in the process.

The Nobel Prize has become a political award with nothing to do with good deeds. Giving this to a man who's life's work has been nothing more than a primer to politics makes the award completely meaningless.

I have received two 'Businessman of the Year' awards from the Congressional Small Business Caucus'. Both have come with a letter of congratulations from a member of the US Congress who I have never met and am certain has never heard of me or my business. They also came with an invitation to attend an awards ceremony and dinner in Washington DC. Sounds great so far.

Reading closer, the "award ceremony and dinner" cost $10,000 US per plate and I was welcome to bring as many guests as I wish. I belong to a local business organization and was amused to find that at least 50 other local business people also received this most prestigious award.

In Awarding President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, they have rendered the process meaningless. His supporters will be celebrating in the street but I for one want to see him actually accomplish something before I cheer.

Hopefully, some day President Obama will live up to the meaning of the award. Until then it will make a good paper weight.

Julie P said...

Thanks, Roger, I knew someone would be able to eplain things to me. I was just surprised and flumoxed as to why he was awarded it.

But as I don't live in America, or follow anything to do with politics whatsoever, I appreciate your point of view.