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Monday, 12 October 2009

Wrekin Writers are taking over the literary world!!

Blimey! I've just received my copy of the National Association of Writers' Groups magazine The Link, and Wrekin Writers are lurking everywhere in it! There's Simon Whaley with his great article on How to Be Succinct in your writing. I have two articles in there:Apple Bobbing - a fruity way to look at your writing, and an article about the Writers' Bash we attended in the summer. I also have a short letter in there as I was sorry to learn that Mike (editor) and his Wife Diane, who have both been heavily involved in producing The Link for the past 10 years are stepping down. Mike has been very kind to me by allowing my ramblings in his magazine - he's also taught me a lot about editing and the importance of grammar! So I will be sad to see them go.

We also have another member of ours, Sue Ross, with an article called Inkenstein's Monster in there. She also has a letter in there. Well done, Sue, and congratulations on "coming out" and admiting you are, indeed, a writer! Plus two of our members did very well in the recent NAWG comps. Fellow blogger and Wrekin Writer, Di Parker, was a runner up in the children's story category with her story The Real Magician, and Wrekin Writer Lilian Parker's children's story Tales of a Lucky Blue Dragon was highly commended. Well sone both. It's truly an amazing achievement and one they should both be proud of. I'm so pleased for them.

Bringing up the rear, although not a Wrekin Writer, she is a fellow blogger , is Lynne Hackles with her article about blogging, tweeting, facebook and all that jazz!

So a great day for Wrekin Writers and bloggers!

Well done everybody!

Julie xx


Lynne Hackles said...

Hi Julie, I've just been reading Link. Enjoyed your apple story and as for the Writers' Bash, once I get back to living in Worcestershire we'll be organising something like that.
Thanks for giving me a mention on your blog.

Julie P said...

Hi, Lynne, and thanks. I think writers' bashes are great and I hope we are going to go again next year. Good luck with your Worcestershire bash when ig gets off the ground.

Julie xx