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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Grrrrrrrr! I can feel another were wolf moment coming on!!

That's it! I've had it with modern technology and gadgets and flipping word counters that I can't copy and paste into my ruddy blog even though other people can do it with no problems in their blogs! Even though two of my wonderful fellow bloggers have tried to give me instructions on how to do it, I still can't do it and it's driving me absolutely up the wall! Why can't I do it?!Is this task completely beyond my intelligence capabilities?

I've tried to do it more times than I care to admit to now, (oh the shame) and I've now given up as it's taking me longer trying to work out how to copy and paste it across to my blog that it's actually eating away at my precious writing time. It's now 19:35 of day one of NaNo and I have nothing written! Not a bean! So at this rate I won't need a ruddy word counter anyway!

Why is technology and computer stuff so difficult? Why do I not know how to copy and paste? The buttons are all there to be clicked but still I can't do it. I've tried to employ the "can do" mentality but I think it's gone on vacation.

Can somebody please tell me, in simple language, and slowly, step by step how I copy and paste the word counter thingie onto my blog? I'm okay up until I click 'calculate' then I have no idea how to copy and paste it across to my blog. I can highlight the code and press copy, then I go over to my blog click customise, add a gadget, Javascript/HTML, I type in the heading but when it comes to pasting I seem to have nothing to paste and nothing to paste it with anyway!! Where in the name of cabbage am I going wrong? I just can't see how I can paste. It's an enigma! And my face and hands are getting hairier, my claws longer, my voice deepening to a canine growl by the minute!

Please help! Before it's too late!!

Julie xx


Suzanne Jones said...

It sounds to me like you're doing everything right, so I'm at a loss...

The only thing I can suggest is maybe having two windows open, so you can prepare the widget and then copy and paste the counter from the other window.

(Does that make sense?).


Carole Anne Carr said...

Hi Julie,

If you copy the code, then go to the Javascript thingy, then click with your mouse on an empty space in the Javascript page and you will see a drop down menu and can select paste and click on that. It should work. Hugs..

Julie P said...

Thanks, Carole, Suzanne and Sue! I have done it with all your help! My gosh that was a hard task for me. I feel such a numpty - simple when you know how eh?!

Now all I need to do now is catch up with my word count. I haven't even started yet and it's day 2!

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

Well done, it looks great.

I still haven't started yet, either.


Julie P said...

Thanks, Suzanne. And ta for your help! Where we would we be without our lovely fellow bloggers eh!

I still haven't started but I will be hard at NaNo tomorrow! Let the games begin!

Julie xx

Julie P said...
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Teresa Ashby said...

Good luck with NaNo Julie x

Julie P said...

Thanks, Teresa! I've caught up a bit now and I'm really getting into the swing of it.

Julie xx