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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Halfway House

Now, is my glass half empty or is it half full? I suppose it depends what mood you're in when you look at it. But I am pleased to say that I am bang on target and I have reached the halfway point in my NaNo novel. Yes, two weeks into NaNo and 25,053 words down (those 53 little words after the 25,000 make all the difference!)

I'm not, however, half way through the novel.NaNo may require 50,000 words but a novel demands more. When I started NaNo, I didn't even think I'd make a couple of thousand of words - a short story maybe - let alone the 25,053 I have today! I printed the novel out today and I'm amazed at what 25,053 words look like on paper. I wanted to print it out in case the computer had a funny turn and I lost it. I have saved it onto a memory stick too - but you can never be too careful where computers are concerned.

At the moment I think my cup is half full and I'm looking forward to filling it to the brim and more and watching it tumble down the sides and splash onto the floor! But the negative thought that said, "Oh no, I'm only half way there. I can't possibly write another 25,000," has entered my mind, fleetingly. But, I've got this far and I didn't really think I would - the power of the mind eh? It really is mind over matter sometimes.

So I need some more encouragement from my friends in Blog Land to keep me sane (it may already be too late for that as I think I was slightly over the edge before I started blogging) and to keep me going with NaNo! Two weeks down, two to go and I'm very excited at how the book is taking shape. I just might be able to pull this NaNo gig off! Attempting to write a novel was something I never thought I'd do - yet here I am and I have proved to myself that I can do it if I put my mind to it and put the hours in - no distractions and no feeble mindedness! You can and you will not you can't and you won't, to borrow a phrase from Liam O'Connell.

I'm also proud of my other NaNo buddies who are going through this as well. It's reassuring that there are thousands of other writers attempting NaNo and I'll be interested to see the stats when it's all over as to how many of those who started NaNo this year make it through to the end. Come on NaNos! We can do it.

Good luck everyone, whatever you're writing and I hope you achieve your writing goals.

Julie xx


Caroline Storer said...

Kudos Julie on getting to the half way mark! +ve vibes that you will get to the 50k mark. I've decided to start NaNo today - better late than never (don't ask!) Take care. Caroline x

Diane Perry said...

Julie - I think you should see this second half like a big dipper at at fair ground. You have done the massive climb to reach so many words, and now you should come down a little , take a steady pace to recharge your batteries and hopefully this will give you the vigour to do that final climb to the finish. All novels need peeks and troughs. You are doing fab, just keep that glass full!

Julie P said...

Hi, Caroline and well done on joining the NaNo journry today! You're brave - but it's not too late. Keep typing! I won't ask!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

My cup overfloweth, Di!

Julie xx

Olivia Ryan said...

Well done Julie - you've done amazingly well in such a short time! I'm sure it'll keep going well. x

Julie P said...

Thanks, Olivia! I'm about to have another NaNo session now after watching Dr Who! Don't think I'll have a drink of water though! You'll only know what I'm warbling on about if you watched Dr Who, of course!

Thanks for the encouragement

Julie xx