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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Oh Yes! Back on track ..... just!

I've had my NaNo writing marathon today and I am pleased to say that my word count is well over the 10,000 mark now. Phew! My poor typing hands don't know what's happened to them! My arms and shoulders ache now, so I'm calling it a day until I start the process all over again tomorrow.

It's really funny because even though I haven't planned this Novel - it was very much a snap decision to join in on the craziness of NaNo - I'm finding that, as I go along, the plot and the characters are developing a life of their own and I'm being carried along at break neck speed not daring to look back where I've been as I'm afraid the velocity will give me whiplash. So it's onwards we go. Do not collect £200!

I did read through The New Writer and I have to say that the articles by Helen M Hunt fictionisstrangerthanfact.blogspot.com/ an interview with children's author, Linda Chapman, and Womag writer (Kath McGurl's) article about running and it's links with her writing womagwriter.blogspot.com and Sally Quilford's wonderful discussion about Womag Writer's blog are marvellous. It all makes fantastic reading. So if you don't already have a copy - go out and buy it! Your writing just may thank you for it. And do visit these wonderful blogs too.

Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

You are doing marvellously, loved the comment about the characters developing a life of their own - and so much written in so short a time! Congratulations! xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Carole. I've even surprised myself by how many words I've mananged so far. Whether those words are any good is another matter but the bare bones of a novel will be there at the end of the 30 days and it's something I can work on.

Hows Candle Drk going on. Has it gone to the printers yet? How many words do your novels tend to be?

Julie xx

Olivia Ryan said...

Sounds like it's going great, Julie. The characters and plot taking over is the most exciting feeling in the world, isn't it - it always leaves me breathless. Keep up the good work! x

Julie P said...

Thanks. Olivia! It is exciting. I necer know wher my characters are going to take me next. I am learning how important it is to be organised and keep to a word count each ay. I'm having to remind myself to push myself and hit the set word count or above it.

Julie xx

Lynne Hackles said...

Well done Julie. Get some aromatherapy oil or a nice hand lotion and get someone to massage those hands and wrists for you. And while they're at it they can do your shoulders. I'm so lucky to have the LSO as he's a reflexologist and also does champissage - Indian head, neck and shoulder massage. Bliss!

Julie P said...

Thanks, Lynne. I did courses in Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy and Swedish Body Massage at the local college a few years ago now but I haven't done any for ages. I'll have to get my husband to do it for me! He's on nights at the moment but when he's off I shall rope him in.

Julie xx