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Friday, 4 December 2009


It must be the end of year clear out at Take a break as I received three rejections via the postman from them this morning (Ouch, ouch and ouch!) Two were Xmas themed stories and one was something else. But, to take the sting out of it, I had a lovely time in Much Wenlock this morning supping two cappuccinos with a writing friend and I treated myself to a 2010 Moleskine diary and the new Take Break Fiction Feast magazine! And I also have £1 worth of Tesco vouchers come through in the same post - oh what shall I spend it on?!

It's a good job I have quite a robust constitution and my articles are doing so well - it helps to lessen the blow of rejections, I find. It has given me the resolve to fight back with knobs and bells on next year and I am even more determined to get that magazine research under way. I've learned so much over the past year about writing that I am sure I will get there with the short stories next year and at least sell one or two.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Much Wenlock Christmas Fayre - we go every year and it's so wonderful. It's bound to inject some Christmas spirit in me. I must remember though that it's my daughter who gets to sit on Santa's knee and not me! (I blame the mulled wine.)

Next week I'll be posting the results of my research on one of the magazines Take A Break in the hope we can shed some light on the types of stories they do publish and how best we might tackle our next submissions to them. The week after I'll do The Weekly News.

Have a great weekend whatever you're doing and remember, if you don't write you won't get published!

Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

Let Mr.Swain take the strain, or rather the sting out of those unpleasant moments...hugs..xx

Karen said...

I got Norah-ed this morning too, although weirdly she's still not returned my Xmas story. That'll be tomorrow's post then!

Have a lovely time at the Fayre :o)

David said...

As always, your positive outlook always shines through Julie! And I think that's so important for us writers.

The teacher of my evening class in writing said this week that we should all have received enough rejection slips to wallpaper the bathroom. At least it shows that you are taking that all-important first step.

By the way, I remembered your X-mas story "I'm fed up of Xmas shopping" when a 'lady' with millions of shopping bags ran into me today completely unapologetically. Was going to say something and then remembered the ominous tone of your story and decided it was probably best to leave it.

I really enjoyed reading them (in particular this one and the one about the Secret Santa which if it continues as it started sounded like a real winner!). Good luck with it all Julie.


Olivia Ryan said...

Commiserations on the triple ouch from TAB, Julie! Don't you just hate it when you get them all at once like that? But I'm sure you're right - you will get there. The determination is half the battle.

Have a lovely time at the Christmas Fayre. Sounds brilliant!

Julie P said...


What I've read so far of the Swain book is fantastic so I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it. Thanks again for lending it to me.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

I like your phrase that you've been ,"Norah-ed," Fantastic!

We shall overcome, Karen!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Yes, David, best not to antagonise the Xmas shoppers! And thanks for your positive comments. I'm really going tp work on them and send them to different mags for next year.

May we all have excellent writing years next year

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Determination is half the battle, Olivia. I know my writing isn't up to scratch yet but it will be!

I knew as soon as I looked down at the envelopes lying on the hall mat what they were! I just sighed, shrugged and opened them and put them in my 'rejection section' of my filing cabinetto look at after Xmas!

I am looking forward to the fayre tomorrow, Olivia. It's always brilliant and the mulled wine is excellent!

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

Hugs re the Rs, Julie. But your positive attitude will see more short story sales, I'm sure.


Teresa Ashby said...

Ooh Julie it's horrible when they arrive mob handed isn't it. My heart always sinks when I hear a thud and see the big browns fanned out on the mat.
But you have such a great attitude and as Olivia says with your determination you're going to get there.
The Christmas fayre sounds lovely - hope you have a great time.

Julie P said...

Thanks Suzanne! I'm expecting a few more rejections through the post this morning as Norah's got a couple more of mine yet, I think!

We can and we ill do it, Suzanne!

Julie xxx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Teresa!
There's a story of yours in the new Fiction Feast mag and I'm sure some others from blog land are in there. I intend to sit down with a mulled wine this evening and read them! It's very encouraging to read stories that have mde it through from other writers in blog land - it gives me hope and the drive to learn and write better.

I am so looking forward to the fayre! In fact I must get going as my sister will be here soon to take us. Will post photos later!

Julie xx