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Friday, 25 December 2009

He does exist!

I know because I've seen his footprints!

Merry Xmas everyone!

Oh and if you were lucky enough to have Santa bring you Sue Moorcroft's new book 'Love Writing' - a book about how to write in the romance genre - then you may notice - as Keith Large emailed me this morning to point out - that my question and name is in there! Sue asked for questions she could put from budding romance writers to professional romance writers and I sent one in. That's another book on my New Year wish list!

Julie xx

The photos are of my daughter in full High School Musical mode and also of Santa's footprints. Then there is of my husband and daughter changing a rather stinky nappy from her new doll that wees and poos (oh joy!) And then there is the gingerbread house my daughter and her cousins made from a kit Xmas Eve.


klahanie said...

Hi Julie,
Lovely photos. I was never in any doubt that 'he does exist'. Now, I have seen further evidence:-)
May you and your loved ones enjoy the day.
Warm wishes, your way, Gary x

Suzanne Jones said...

Great photos, Julie. And I saw your name in Love Writing - great questions, by the way (I think I saw your name twice). Sue Moorcroft's also used the questions I sent, so I'm thrilled. You must get the book - it's a great read.


Julie P said...

Wooh Hooh, Suzanne! I'm glad your questions are in there too. I have the book on my wish list for 2010!

Julie xx

Debs said...

Great photos. Love those footprints too.

Hope you have a great Christmas.