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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

I'm Not Writing

I know I wasn't going to blog over the festive period unless something drastic happened. Well, no. Nothing drastic has happened on the writing or home front so don't get excited! Apart from the fact that I have had a mini revelation. My name is Julie Phillips and I haven't written a bean since my last blog posting: no blogs, no notes, no NaNo, no story lines/plots, not a thing! Three days have passed and no pen or computer keyboard has had my writerly fingers on them. Oh unless you count me writing my Xmas food shopping list and Boxing Day menu!

It's been a revelation. I didn't think I could do it - or not do it - writing that is. Usually I have itchy fingers and that itch spreads until I have to write - it's the only cure! But I've had a lovely relaxing time making glittery pine cones and sparkly mince pie foil case pictures with my daughter. Today we are going over to my sister's house to make a Hansel and Gretel type house with sweets and icing and all things sugary and bad for you. We got a kit from Aldi and it's going to be so much sticky and gloopy fun.

Having a break from writing and engaging in normal, everyday life for a while can really sharpen up the senses, making your writing fresher and bolstering your enthusiasm. It can also help your subconscious to work on the pieces of work you have already started and help your imagination to conjure up new ideas for your future projects. So while you're enjoying the festivities, put your writing away, your notebook in the drawer and have a great time without worrying that your short story isn't working, your novel has lost its way, or your poem won't scan.

The run up to Christmas is always a hectic time and I did suggest that you you took some notes and jotted down any ideas that were sparked while you went about organising Christmas. But now is the time to just let it go and give yourself, you family and your writing a break - you deserve it. You've worked hard all year and so have a holiday now and when all the Christmas madness - I mean magic - has gone, you can return to your writing with a fresh eye and new outlook, rested and raring to go.



Olivia Ryan said...

I think you're right, Julie - we need to keep a sense of perspective, and however much we love to write, everybody needs a break from time to time. Enjoy yours - I'm sure you will, it's such a magical time when you have a child, and they grow up so fast -make the most of it! Love, Sheila/Olivia! xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Olivia,

Kids do grow up fast don't they! I'm trying hard to savour every minute with her before she finds it too 'uncool' to hang around with her mother!

And I know I'll be back with the writing when the time is right.

Happy Christmas

Julie xx

klahanie said...

Hi Julie,
Always good to take some time away from writing and just savouring the moment.
Of course, you have actually written about not writing. Heck, that's what I do all the time:-)
Are you ready for this? May you and your loved ones have a wonderful 'Christmas'.
Warm wishes, your way, Gary x

Julie P said...

Thanks, Gary, and the same to you and your family.
I know! I've actually written about not writing for a change! Thought I could do with a different subject for a posting!

Julie xx

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Julie. May the new year bring many new successes.