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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Much Wenlock Xmas Fayre

No writing so far today as today was well and truly a family day at Much Wenlock Xmas Fayre. We go every year but for the past two years my husband has been unable to go due to work which is a shame as he loves it as much as the rest of us! It was busy and bustling with lots of different stalls and entertainment from dancing to brass bands, donkey rides, Santa, lots of deliciously festive food and drink, mistletoe, Xmas wreaths, toys you name it - if it was festive it was there!

I spotted a couple of professional photographers/journalists that I had met back in the Summer at the Wenlock Olympian Games. They were snapping away - and part of me pinged and I wanted to go into journalist mode but restrained myself! You can't really do it when you're carting around a child's toy witches broomstick (don't ask) and a bag full of Xmas paraphernalia! But I managed to get a few snaps that I've posted here.

The three kids are my daughter and her two cousins aged 4,5 and 6! The organ they are standing in front is there every year and we all love it - especially putting a coin in the monkey's hand and watching it fall in the box. The bigger organ wasn't there last year so the kids were in awe of it! They couldn't believe the size of it and my daughter found the statues dinging bells on it hilarious!

We had a good day and it wasn't freezing cold like last year. I had a wonderful cake from a new company I recognised from the Shropshire Star (local newspaper). They were in a couple of weeks back having just opened a shop in Ironbridge. Their cakes are amazing and delicious with so many varieties it was difficult to choose. I know I make cakes on occasion but these were something else! Have a look at their website
QUEENIES and you'll see what I mean!

Happy writing!

Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

Great fun! Loved the photograph...xx

klahanie said...

Hi Julie,
My oh my, this is a fayre old blog:-)
Seems to me you all had a great day out. When I go to places like that; it brings out the 'little kid' in me.
Glad you enjoyed your day out. All the very best and continued happy writing.
Kind wishes, Gary x

Julie P said...

Thanks, Carole,

it was a lovely day and just what we all needed. It certaimly gave me some Christmas spirit that had been lacking in me until yesterday.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Gary! How are your Boxing Day Eve preparations going?!

I love the excitement and wonder in kid's eyes this time of year. It's sad how, when we reach adulthood, we lose that feeling. I'm all for rekindling our childhoods and bringing out our inner child at every opportunity!

Julie xx

Teresa Ashby said...

Sounds lovely, Julie. Great pictures - and I love their hats.

Julie P said...

They're fab hats aren't they, Teresa! My daughter chose hers from one of the shops on the day and it came with matching gloves. I think I need to get one too!

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

I love the name 'Much Wenlock' - it sounds like a lovely place.


Julie P said...

It is a wonderful place and I'd love to move back there. It's one of the top most popular places to live in the country but that's reflected in the prices!

Julie xx