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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Not so technologically challenged!

Hurrah! I have tweeted! The ruddy thing worked this time - computers! I shall never understand them - nor shall they ever understand me. For any other tweeters out there in Blog Land, I am on twitter as writeoldwitter.

I am going to watch The Turn of the Screw tonight - I like a good old ghost story. I watched The Day of The Triffids over the past two evenings but was slightly disappointed with it. I remember the original series in the 70s/80s - far better done and more scary! Now I remember why I don't like gardening. So I hope this evening's offering is better.

Don't forget to do your Blog Takeover Day posting. See Sally Quilford's blog for details. It was such fun last time and I know it's going to be even better this time round! But who or what to choose to take over this blog?!

Julie xx


klahanie said...

Hi Julie,
I'm so pleased you 'tweeted'. I remember, back in them thar good ol' days, that 'tweeting' was the sound that emanated from a bird's beak:-)
I haven't dared go on 'Twitter'. I don't know whether I could stand the excitement of finding out that Stephen Fry is stuck in a lift...
Never mind the 'Day of The Triffids'...it's more like 'Day of The Twitters'
I shall go and check out this 'Blog Takeover Day' posting. Sounds intriguing.
All the very best to you, Julie.
Kind wishes, Gary x

Suzanne Jones said...

Yay - well done you. Still haven't got the hang of Twitter myself.

Much preferred the older versions of Triffids, too. John Duttine made a much more sympathetic hero than Dougray (just can't forgive him for that terrible accent in Desperate Housewives). But still a brilliant story - don't know why they don't adapt more John Wyndham stories, suppose he's out of fashion.

The Turn of the Screw has just finished - spooky biscuits.

Take care.


Doctor FTSE said...

Drat and Double Drat! Meant to watch "TOTScrew" but then forgot.

Beware Twitter, It can be a helluva time waster! Blogland and Facebook are bad enough . . particularly when the writing is coming slow!

All good wishes for 2010.


Julie P said...

Thanks, Gary!

I'm still not sure why I'm 'tweeting' but I'll give it a go - it will probably be another months before I tweet again as I'm sure to forget about it!

I love Stephen Fry but I think he tweets too much about stuff that is so boring I don't know why he bothers! I t all seems to be a lot of drivel and inconsequential rubbish from what I've seen so far.

Facebook is more interesting but can be addictive so am having to limit that one. But have found a few people from my past that it's been great getting back in touch with. But I much prefer blogging!

Happy New Year!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Suzanne

Yes I'm glad the tweet worked this time but I'm still not sure if I like tweeting or whether to stop and give it up as a bad job! There were 3 months between my first tweet and this one!

Did J Wyndham write Chocky too? I seem to remember reading a book - I think by him - when I was a kid about an alien called Chocky or something? Will have to google it now to find out!

The Turn of The Screw had a feel of The Others with Nicole Kidman, don't you think? I enjoyed The Turn of The Screw but thought it was a bit odd really - and the ending was flat - a bit disappointed! But never mind - was spooky but also a bit silly. I like a good ghost story to make me scared to go to bed! But this one didn't. I was more concerned about mental illness!

Happy New Year

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Doc FTSE

I don't think you missed much whith The Turn of the Screw! It wasn't all that good - just confusing and odd if you ask me. Still, it passed an hour or two. It'll be on for the next twenty odd years at Xmas no doubt if you're ever stuck for anything to watch.

I think you're probably right about Twitter. I'm not sure I get it really so will probably not bother with it.

Happy New year!

Julie xx

Doctor FTSE said...

Yep . . I read the book (story?) of "Turn of the Screw" years ago. I found it confusing, I couldn't figure out whether the "ghosts" were "real ghosts" (if you see what I mean) or whether Henry James meant us to read them as projections of the childrens' (vivid) imaginations. Now THERE"S a subject for an Open University assignment!


Julie P said...

That was the thing with me when I watched it last night. I couldn't work out whether they were real ghosts, the kids were just evil and had over active imaginations and possibly had some sort of abuse to be able to manifest those sort of imaginings or whether the Governess had some sort of mental illness!

Very, very strange. I've never read the book, though. Don't think my brain could take any more confusion!

It would make a great OU TMA study!

Julie xx