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Sunday, 6 December 2009

What To Do

After the family orientated weekend at the Christmas Fayre yesterday and a walk round the pond to feed the ducks and observe the steam trains nearby it's time to get back to the writing quest from tomorrow. Well I actually started this afternoon by editing an article destined for WM.

I have a real hotch potch of a week coming up as I have the second part of the Child Protection Course and a day long Governor Induction training as part of my school duties.It's also my daughter's Christmas play at school and I'm in tomorrow doing the reading support. But I also have a few writing related things to be getting on with. In particular I have some articles I want to finish and some I need to start off, plus transcribing the interview with Carole Anne Carr from my Dictaphone. I'll also be looking at my research for TAB and Fiction Feast to post my findings here, probably at the weekend. I hope my findings help those of us trying to break into that particular market. The week after I'll tackle The Weekly News.

But, the thing I'm most looking forward to - okay second thing, after my daughter's play, is going for lunch with my NaNo buddy by way of a celebration for us both completing the challenge! Then we are going to try and get some more writing done. I'm going to be asking her a few questions for my NaNo article - I'm slowly working my way round the Wrekin Writers and Blog Land for people to write about and get quotes from! You never know where I'm going to pop up next.

I've enjoyed this week and I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into some writing next week. Only two weeks until daughter has Xmas break from school - scary thought. Time is flying - so much to write, so little time.

Have a happy week, whatever you're doing.

Remember, you can if you try and don't let your Inner Critic tell you any different. Mine is glaring at me from the corner of the room with his nose in the air - he is not best pleased with my recent spate of article proposal acceptances and was rubbing his gnarled hands with glee when I was wailing about the lack of response from editors. So Hah! Inner Critic - get back into your cage!


Sue Horder-Mason said...

What a week! Looking forward to tomorrow for our get together and Isobel's play on Thursday, well, tissues to the ready love.

But your inner critic, physical, there and you describe him so well. Interesting that it's a male character lol but you've dealt with him well. Yes put him back where he belongs.


Sue xx

klahanie said...

Hi Julie,
All the very best with your writing.
I guess you know I am all too familiar with the 'inner critic'. However, just like you, the inner critic has been banished back into the cage. Now, if only we could throw away that key:-)
Have a happy week also.
Kind wishes, Gary x

Julie P said...

Thanks, Sue,

Yes, we'll have some good fun today as we deserve it! I was just looking at the NaNo stats, have you seen them for this year?

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Gary.

They are pesky them Inner Critics aren't they - but I'm glad we both have them under control at the moment! Long may they remain in their cages.

Julie xx

Mum in a Muddle said...

It's great that you're sending out so many things... lots of admiration for your positive approach and productivity... definitely going to take a leaf out of your book and start sending more stuff out - after all - nothing comes of nothing!

Julie P said...

That's the spirit, Mum In A Muddle!
Got to be in it to win it.

Good luck

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

Sounds like you've a busy week. Enjoy your lunch - you deserve it.


Julie P said...

I had a great lunch and it was wonderful to spend some time writing in the book shop too. We were treated to coffee and cake by the owner which was a bonus!

It was so nice to sit in such an atmospheric and historical building. Anna, the owner, was telling us that parts of it were 13th century. It used to be the stable block and accommodation for the coach men for the pub next door.

Julie xx