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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Dancing On Ice?

I went ice skating today for the first time in about ten years. You may remember me saying that my husband took our daughter last week whilst I was laid low with the lurgy and I promised her that I'd come this time. We took her six year old cousin  with us who had never been skating before. My husband used to take skating lessons when he was younger and was very good at it, getting several certificates in it. Plus we used to go the the rink every Wednesday afternoon when we were at college (cough - 23 yrs ago)  as part of the college's recreation policy. We'd all pile on the bus from Bridgnorth college to Telford. We used to have fun and I could get round the rink quite effectively!

Not so today! I was terrified! The fact the place was packed out didn't help - lots of strange people + people whizzing round in circles = dizziness! When I say 'strange people' I mean people I don't know and not actual 'people who are' strange'! I knew it was a big mistake as soon as I put the flippin' skates on and I had trouble getting from the skate hire bit and on to the ice! My husband, daughter and her cousin had no trouble - that was what was so galling! I almost chickened out going on the ice as there appeared to be many people whizzing around without a care for life or limb. But no, I took courage and gingerly stepped onto the ice. How people ice skate for fun I don't know! What's so enjoyable about edging your way round the edge of the rink, gripping on the side for dear life as other people tank past you and some fall over in front of you, threatening to send you flying as well?!

I was worried about my daughter too as she fell over several times and I went into mother panic mode - she also skated round without holding on to anything or her dad a bit too and my heart was in my mouth! But she was absolutely fine - we had a few tears when she fell, but she mostly laughed it off. They all found my skating non-effort hilarious too. Well it was quite funny really I think. Those of you who have seen me in the flesh will be able to visualise the scene I'm sure! Mind you I was applauded by a gentlemen sitting on the bench at rink side when I managed to cross the gap in the side barrier where the skaters get on and off the ice without falling over - bless him!

I was even beginning to enjoy it a little towards the end of the session, but I'm sure my legs will pay for it in the morning as the aches and creaks come. It was lovely to go out and do something as a family. We don't do enough of it really, but I think we will now. My daughter really enjoys it despite the falling over. I didn't fall over but then I barely left the side of the rink! I must try harder to get out into the middle and stop being so precious! But I know what I'm like walking out in the ice and snow outside never mind skating on ice at the rink! I like my limbs to remain intact and my bottom unbruised thank you very much.

I also met a nursing colleague I worked with about five years ago which was nice - she'd said she'd been reading a couple of my articles. It was nice to catch up with her. Another person I know who has been reading my articles! I never think anyone reads them really - I submit them and they go off into the ether!

I might go again next week - I'm a glutton for punishment! But what I enjoyed the most was the nice lunch in the meeting point House cafe in the town centre and walking round the shops afterwards - I still had the sensation that I was skating! My nephew and I had a dance too to the music playing just outside the town center. I bought a few magazines (writing research!) and a newspaper plus picked up the new Argos catalogue to browse this evening - my treat for the trauma of the ice rink!

Happy writing!

Julie xx


klahanie said...

Hi Julie,
So may I assume that you wont be representing Britain in figure skating at the winter Olympics in Vancouver?
I have done a fair amount of ice skating in the past. Living in Canada, it is the law lol. However, I do know how difficult it can be at first. Actually, the first four times I skated; I spent more time leaning against the boards than actually skating.
Ice skating is excellent exercise. Once you get past the pain in your ankles; it can be most exhilarating.
I hope you do go again, Julie. Fairly soon, you will be whirling around the ice and having a wonderful time.
Glad to note that you met folks who had been reading your articles. Happy writing and happy skating:-)
Kind wishes, Gary x

Julie P said...

Hi, Gary.

No,I don't think there are any of the top world class skaters competing at the Olympics who have anything to fear from me! I did enjoy it to a certain extent - but as I haven't done it for so long I was slow and clunky! I was embarrassed that my five year old daughter who had only once before and her 6 yr old cousin skating for the first time were so much better at it than me and were fearless while I was overly cautious - I didn't want to break any bones - my own or someone elses!!!

I think I'll be better at it next time. I know I can do it as I've done it before - I could even skate backwards before!! Plus my husband (boyfriend at the time) had me doing a bit of a fox trot! I shall take courafe from my daughter and nephew!!

I used to love going to the ice hockey matches - Telford Tigers being the home team - and it brought back some funny and happy memories.

One time we were skating in a group from college and I was holding hands with one of my friends on the ice as we were a bit wobbly and we say my husband go pelting acrodd the ice and he wasn't looking where he was going (showing off of course) and he slammed into the barrier and fell on his bottom, causing me and my friend to fall over too with laughing!

Julie xx

Sue Horder-Mason said...

Julie all you need to do is apply the same determination and tenacity to your skating as you have done to your writing and although you probably won't win any medals skating you definitely get to the middle of the rink. And your writing I know you'll go far.

And family time - go for it but remember your notebook lol

Take care sweetheart xx

Carole Anne Carr said...

How very brave of you! I do hope, now that you've been so courageous you'll do it again.

Well done you, and great to hear your work is being recognised more and more...hugs...xx

Olivia Ryan said...

This did make me laugh, Julie - and I agree, you're very brave! I only ever attempted (and I do mean attempted) ice-skating once in my life, when our girls were little and we took them all to the rink. Like you, I held on to the edge the entire time and was terrified of everyone else flying around, terrified my kids would fall and get run over by other people's skates ... and I've never been back! Some things just aren't for me, and it doesn't bother me. You've got a lot more courage than me! Well done. x

Jaye said...

Well done on the not falling - I've taken lots of notes - we're supposed to be going in half term! (only cos we won free tickets in the school raffle mind - hubby would never have suggested it otherwise!)

Julie P said...

Thanks, Sue!

I have no intention of going anywhere near the middle of the ice rink! Not where all the speed skaters are anyway! I might get caught up in their slip stream and never be able to stop! Whizzong round faster and faster like a hamster on a wheel!

You can just see me standing on the rink with my note book out can't you!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Carole!

It was an experience I can tell you!

I'm not sure if my work being recognised more and more is a good idea or not! I shall have to have a pseudoname

Julie xx

Julie P said...

I can laugh about it now, Olivia, but I was exactly the same as you - terrified got myself and for my daughter (hubby can take of himself!)

I can't believe I used to regularly enjoy skating in my youth! I was never of Torville and Dean standard - not by a long shot - but could gert round of a fashion! My sister has dubbed us Orville and Bean!

I mean I know I need to do more exercise, but that was ridiculous!
Julie xx

Julie P said...

The only reason I didn't fall was that I barely left the side of the rink, Jaye - that's the trick I think!

Well done on winning the tickets! I'm sure you'll have fun! I think my hubby needs to take me skating without our daughter to practice when the rinks a bit quieter - it was a bit manic on Saturday morning!

Julie xx

Simon Whaley said...

Hey, at least you gave it a go again!

I've only been skating once, on a works do, and it was the worst works do ever! We'd been wondering what to do for ages and someone said, "let's go ice skating" and for some reason everyone said, "Yeah!" Weirdly, non of us had ever skated before, so why we jumped at the chance I shall never know!

I think we all held onto the sides for most of the time. I remember letting go once, skating for about a couple of feet and then falling over, and no-one would come to my rescue because they were all too scared to let go themselves!

I haven't subjected my self to the ice rink trauma since!

Julie P said...

Yes, Simon - but you leearned from your first skating session and Never went again! That's sensible - what I'm doing is sheer stupidity! And now my nephew wants to go again too, I have no choice but to tag along as hubby can't manage the two kids by himself!

I can't show fear in front of the kids who skate better than me! I was amazed by the sight of all these children whizzing past me whilst I was clutching the side!

I did skate away from the side - but with my nephew holding my hand (and stopping me from falling over!)

We shall see how I feel next Saturday when we are due to go again - I think I can feel a sniffle coming on ;0)

Julie 'Orville' Phillips!

Sue Ross said...

Your blog brought back memories for me too Julie.
Saturday afternoons I used to go with my friends to Sheffield's Silver Blades ice rink.
It must have been forty years ago as I was a, ahem, slip of a lass.
I never worked out how to do it. I used to just push with one leg and slide with the other.
Course, the real attraction was the loud music and the young lads who used to show off by speeding round in lines.
Mmm. Makes me go all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

Carole Anne Carr said...

Hi Julie, I've sent you an invite to my new blog and now my grandson says he is setting up the blog for me...! So just delete the invite, I shall have to wait for him to create it, and then I'll send again!!

Hugs and love, Carole xx

Doctor FTSE said...

Hi Julie . . could you make a short story out of this germ?

She could skate backwards quite well, but he couldn't skate backwards at all

Welllll . . . . where do ideas come from!?

Keep at it! Remember Douglas Adams. "All you need to do is sit at the desk and write till your forehead bleeds"

Julie P said...

You still are a young slip of a girl, Sue - age is just a state of mind! I hope to be going again this week - but Isobel has two birthday parties to attend this weekend (she has a much better social life than I ever had!) It's one of her school friend's party on the Sat and her cousin's on Sunday. Great - room full of screaming kids twice!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

You could have something there, Doc! Plenty of tension and conflict and relationships down at the rink. Mmmmm! Got me thinking now.

Julie xx

Mike said...

I think I'll give it a miss, myself! Though I did go for a run today, my first this year.


Julie P said...

Yes, probably best you don't go anywhere near any ice, Mike!

Well done on your run, though - do you run far?

Julie xx

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