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Monday, 4 January 2010

Love It!

I love it when the new issues of the writing magazines come out. They are so full of ideas and inspiration, no matter how battered and bruised, bloated and lethargic a writer may be feeling after rejections and the festivities, one thing that is guarenteed to lift the old writerly spirit is to read and devour all the articles and snippets of valuable information held between the pages of these magazines. It never fails to fire up the motivation tanks and send writers rushing back to their computers and notebooks.

I particularly like this issue of Writing magazine as there are four Wrekin Writers in one fabulous article by our Simon Whaley about finding time to write, featuring Di, Jan and myself! It was an interesting exercise to be on the receiving end of an interview rather than being the one asking the questions! I'm more used to writing about other writers and other people rather than writers writing about me. It was an instant lift.

Also Fee got a letter in there and in Writers' News too - so Wrekin Writers are flying their flag high in the sky here! I told Simon that I enjoyed the article bUt admitted to him that I was feeling frustrated as although I've had some articles accepted in 2009, I haven't actually seen them in print, and so I'm feeling a tad sorry for myself and wondering if and when mine will be in print! I'm beginning to think I imagined they were accepted and the editors are just a figment of that imagination!

Still, I can't let my frustation stop me from writing, which it has almost done. I'm sending off two articles tomorrow and then I'll start on a short story and select my next victims - I mean subjects - for my next articles! Plus I'm still forging ahead with my NaNo novel. No peace for the wicked.

Happy writing

Julie xx


Lynne Hackles said...

Read the article last night, Julie. Enjoyed it.
Remember how you enjoyed hearing your articles had been accepted? Well, you'll get the same thrill when you finally see them in print. It won't be long now.

Julie P said...

Thanks, Lynne!

My daughter was thrilled seeing Mummy's picture in a magazine - she went all giggly! Said she was going to tell all her friends at school and her teacher today - ah, fame at last!!

Julie xx

Carole Anne Carr said...

Wonderful to hear you are forging ahead, good luck with all your projects...hugs and love.
Carole. xx

Suzanne Jones said...

Mine's just arrived (hooray for lovely postman who trudged through sub zero arctic conditions to bring it to my door) and really enjoyed the article and Fee's letters.

Of course it's fame, no question - not only was your photo in the magazine, but you dispensed invaluable advice. (And as Lynne says above, it won't be long before your own articles are published.)

Olivia Ryan said...

I've just read the feature in Writing Magazine Julie and I loved 'your' bit! I just love it when people I 'know' through blogs and forums are featured in mags etc - it's such a nice feeling. I'm sure your daughter is very proud and excited - and of course, the more people she tells about Mummy being a writer, the more your fame will spread! good for you. xxx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Carole.

I emailed the article about you off today so we shall see what gives!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Yes, Suzanne.

Hurrah for lovely postmen (and women!) There was one in the paper here a few days ago who delivers the post in the next area up from ours and he wears shorts to deliver the post whatever the weather! Brrrr - made me feel cold seeing him standing there in the snow - nice legs though. Behave yourself, Julie !


Julie P said...

Ta, Olivia

What does our little one, Noah, think of all the snow?

I love reading about other writers and any tips they have so it was strange seeing my 'top tips' there this time!

Julie xx

Carole Anne Carr said...

Thanks Julie, for sending off the article, I couldn't understand why I wasn't receiving any follow up to my posts I sent to anyone, just discovere 567 posts in my trash! Wretched Yahoo!
Hugs, take care in this awful weather, keep warm..hugs xx

Julie P said...

I enjoyed working on that particular article, Carole as you and Phyllis have held such extraordinary lives - it was a joy to talk with you both and write about you.

School closed today so we haven't got to walk up there. Isobel was most disappointed she couldn't go to school until she found out we could build a snowman!

Julie xx