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Friday, 22 January 2010

The White Van Cometh.

Just when I'm feeling down in the dumps due to this lurgy thing my daughter and I have come down with, a white van cometh and like my knight in blue overalls the Home delivery guy comes striding down my path with two boxes of books from Amazon! Oh joy. And they are a month earlier than Amazon originally said they would be dispatched. I'm glad as I was chomping at the bit for a new read. There's nothing like a delivery of books to clear the cobwebs out and push your body to fight the germs that have invaded it.

My dictionary and thesaurus that I ordered (Collins) are huge! Who says size isn't everything?  ;0)  My husband laughs at me as he says I'm the only person he knows who will sit for hours actually reading the dictionary. Does anyone else do that, or is it something that's peculiar to me? Maybe it's just me who is peculiar and the dictionary reading is just a manifestation of my madness - who knows. If none of this is making sense (when do I ever?)  please blame it on the germs that have turned my brain to mush. 'Normal' transmission will continue shortly, or words to that effect. If you can call my usual blog postings without the flu 'normal'. I have put the dictionary and thesaurus on my desk in an attempt to make myself look vaguely intelligent when people visit and spy them on my desk. Thank you Governor magazine for the vouchers.

I have a telephone interview to conduct later this afternoon which could be interesting, given my current condition! And because my daughter is also ill (I should say was as she seems to have made a miraculous recovery and is eating me out of house and home now) she will be in the background, probably shouting out 'bogies' and 'bottems' and other such words she finds amusing while I'm trying to have a serious conversation on the phone! Oh the joys of combining motherhood with freelance journalism.

Anyway, I was disappointed not to be well enough to go to work at the nursery today as I really enjoyed it yesterday. They are fantastic kids and because I already knew the staff from when my daughter was there, I settled in really easily. Plus I get to sing songs and clap and play with trains and cars too, after they've had lunch - how cool is that?! And all the kids waved at me when I went home. I want to go to nursery full time! I blame my mother for this urge to attend nursery as she never let me go to nursery when I wanted to as a toddler, but she let my sister who is a year and 9 months younger than me go. It's a good job I don't bear grudges isn't it! (34 years and counting!)

I might ask my sister Marie to do a guest post on here on what it was like growing up with me and having a sibling who is a writer (no subject is sacred!) Then the truth will come out - actually, maybe it's not such a good idea after all - she knows far too much about me than is good for her, and me.

The box the books came in has come in handy as my daughter has pinched it and turned it into a car complete with windscreen and a trailer for her dolls - the imaginings of children eh? I wish I had half the imagination she does - fascinating.

I don't have much planned for the weekend - the flu has put paid to any plans I did have. But I must get cracking on the current articles I'm writing for the education market -  a completely new and exciting avenue for me  (thank you Sue Ross!) I'm afraid that the short stories have really taken a back seat (on a long, long, long, bus) as now my new copy of the Writers' Market has arrived I'll be recycling and sending off articles and pitches to new magazines. But I will, eventually get back to the short stories. I haven't and won't give up on these. I am determined, more than ever, to get several short stories published this year. I already know I have six articles coming out this year, so it would be nice to have a few short stories out there to join them.

We are almost at the end of January now, the time when most people have abandoned their new year resolutions. I hope you are not one of the writers whose resolve and determination have wavered. There are so many writing opportunities out there and it is up to us to go out looking for them and  grabbing them with both hands. We can and will do it.

Happy writing

Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

Loved reading your happy and positive post. Hope you do go full time at school and eventually move on to classroom support. Do they do teacher training on O.U.? xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Carole.

I'm not sure if the OU do teacher training. But my sister is just about to start doing a class room assistants course at TCAT. I'll be quite happy to continue the volunteer reading and the lunchtime supervisors job really - but if there did come an opportunity to train as a class room assistant I might consider it - but not teaching kids - not my thing really.

I did an adult education teaching course way, way back in the middle 90's and enjoyed that so who knows what the future may bring!

Julie xx

Simon Whaley said...

Re reading the dictionary: I'm up to 'Qi' (the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.)

I've herd the X's are really interesting!


Julie P said...

Hah! I knew it! I knew you were a fellow closet dictionary reader! Well it's all coming out now isn't it! I don't read it alphabetically, I just choose a random page and seek out new words I don't know the meaning of. If I read the one I've got now alphabetically, I'd still be reading it in ten years time!
Julie xx

Lynne Hackles said...

I once had a boss who read the dictionary and would use a new word every day. There were only three of us working at this particular building society so we would try to use the boss's new word as many times as possible each day.

Julie P said...

Did you make it in to a competition to see who could get the boss's word of the day into the most sentences without him figuring out what you were doing?!

When my mum was alive, the town she lived in were having a small table top sale and one of the town councillors had the same name as a famous welsh male singer. Well, my husband and I, my sister and her husband were walking behind my mum and this chap and we tried to get as many song titles by this singer into sentences as we chatted along the way!!

It was such fun and they never twigged!

Julie xx

Sue Ross said...

Lovely post Julie.
I used to think working with kids wasn't my thing-until I started it.
I loved it-for the same reasons you love working at Nursery.
Which other jobs encourage you to think like a child.
And the BEST THING EVER Julie, is that you get to inspire kids; you're in a position to make language fun.
You'll really want to get children engaged with storytelling and poetry and you'll use weird and wonderful ways to do so.
I do miss the kids.