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Thursday, 11 February 2010

The case of the missing cat

No, this post is not going to be a Sherlock Holmes type mystery! It's an emarrassing one though! My husband noticed last night that he hadn't seen our girl puss Cara for a few hours but the boy cat Cody had been in all this time. Now, usually, where you find one puss you find the other but not so yesterday. I was oblivious to this and thought that they were both in the utility room where we  put them to go to bed for the night.

This morning Cara and Cody were getting under my feet, demanding their breakfast when I got up with my daughter. My husband rang me when I got back home from the school run at 3:30pm asking me when the last time I saw Cara was yesterday. I said I couldn't be exact but it would have been around tea time when I also did my daughter's sandwhiches for the next day's lunch. He started to laugh and I asked why. He then told me that he'd been worried about Cara and because he hadn't seen her last night and she wasn't there this morning at 4:30 am when he got up, he went outside in the garden and had a wander around the neighbourhood thinking she'd been run over or was trapped somewhere. He couldn't find her so he asked Cody (yes he taked to the cat expecting an answer!) if he knew where she was. But, surprisingly, Cody apparently didn't know!

My husband then decided he was running out of time and would be late for work so he decided to make his own sandwhiches (wait for it!) He opened the cupboard in the kitchen that houses the cling film and blinking back at him from inside the cupboard was Cara! She must have been in there from about 6pm last night until 5am this morning! What we can't understand is why she didn't meow and scratch to let us know she was in there! She couldn't get out because it's got a child lock on the door. She was fine and he said it looked as though she'd just curled up in there and gone to sleep. She's fine but I feel so guilty! I can see the funny side now but I was mortified when my husband told me. She must have been quite happy in there as my husband says he was calling her in the kitchen and utility room but he never heard a peep from the cupboard.

I'm just pleased she wasn't hurt or had been run over but I'll never know why she didn't let any of us know she was in that cupboard. I prop the door open on that cupboard with the child lock and she must have gone in and I didn't notice and when I put the clingfilm back in I nudged the door shut with her inside too! She doesn't seem bothered in the least by it - but I've given her extra cuddles today to make up for it.

Why do cats do these things?

Got to be a short story in there somewhere!

Julie xx


Diane Perry said...

Oh bless her, so glad she is ok. I have heard of cupboard love with animals but that is taking it to the extreme!

Love Di

Lynne Hackles said...

A short story? Derik Longden's already written a book about it. The Cat Who Came In From The Cold. His kitten got locked in the fridge all day! When he found it he wrapped it in a thermal vest and his wife warmed the poor thing up in her cleavage. After that the kitten was called Thermal.
Glad your kitten was OK.

A jewel shining through said...

Know that feeling. We have 2 cats that have a penchant for sneeking into cupboards. At least you found her :)

Best wishes, Julie x

Teresa Ashby said...

I'm happy you found her. One of my cats, Leo, figured out how to open my kitchen cupboards and he used to sleep among my saucepans.
Cara probably wasn't at all bothered because she knew you'd be there to let her out if she gave you a shout!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a wonderful story, glad all's well that ends well! You certainly have a very inquisitive cat. Reminds me of a blue tit I found in our kitchen when it was really cold a couple of weeks ago. No idea how it got in, but it was very quiet and quite happy thank you in the warm and didn't want to leave! Keep up the great work, Helen (one of the Ludlow gang)

Julie P said...

Thanks, Di!

If she was looking for food she chose the wrong cupboard! Maybe we were all driving her mad and she went in there for some peace and quiet! If the cupboard was big enough I'd go in there too!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Ah! I knew someone must have writeen something along that line, Lynne! Never heard of Derik Longden - will have to have a look now!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, A Jewel Shining Through.

I'm relieved we found her too - although I did sleep through the period she was missing without realising she was missing!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Teresa

I think that's what she did - she must have gone to sleep - the dozy puss! She's curled up asleep with her brother on the sofa now. They are so sweet together but they also fight when the mood takes them - oh the fur does fly!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Ah! Helen, bless that little blue tit - they are so sweet. Cara is very nosy - Cody's more laid back and not bothered about squeezing himself into small, datk places - he prefers to strectch out. But he must have wondered where she was that night!

Julie xx

Simon Whaley said...

You ought to write and complain to the child-lock manufacturer and ask them to put a warning on their packaging: "Warning. Can constrain cats for up to 11 hours!"

Glad it had a happy ending!

Julie P said...

Hi, Simon!

I don't know why I've still got the child locks on there as they are more trouble than they are worth and there's nothing in there to cause injury to small children or animals anyway! Cara obviously liked it in there a lot. I wonder if I can claim compensation for traumatising my cat - even tho she was okay!

Julie xx