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Thursday, 4 February 2010


Thanks to everyone who told me that my mugshot appeared on the front cover of this month's issue of Writer's News! I am now a cover girl! It was a bit of a shock I can tell you. I had the magazine in it's plastic wrapper in my hand as my husband passed it to me when I got in from work (more about that later!) I just glanced down and saw somthing red through the wrapper and the truth dawned on me and I shouted, "Ruddy hell that's a photo of me! What the hell  am I doing in there?! " Thus nearly giving my husband a heart attack.

My article about writing about your community is in there - I knew that was going in but I didn't realise it was going to be quite so soon, and I had no idea my mugshot was going on the cover! There are also 'mini' photos of my on their subscription ads and and also one in Writing Magazine advertising the subscriptions too! I get everywhere these days!

So I am over the moon and have been on a high since I saw it. Once I'd got over the shock I was ever so excited. And I am  a very busy girl at the moment too. I have two articles about the charity on the go - one of which the Shropshire Star (local newspaper) are interested in, and also another one for WF  - so the articles are oozing out of me! I had two articles accepted in our local governor's mag and there's talk of more.

I've also taken on more hours at the nursery. They have a staff member off sick so I was asked to fill in for three days (Weds, Thurs. Fri 9am - 3pm) and I jumped at the chance! I've had an absoute ball and the kids are wonderful! I've been reading the group stories and doing group sing-a-longs. Now I was a bit nervous about this as I do not sing - or at least I thought I didn't - but I obviously do now. The kids didn't seem to mind that I don't have a particularly great singing voice and they were joining in bless them - probably to drown my voice out!!

Today I lead the afternoon register session and had about 10 kids aged 3-4 sittting in a circle and going round them saying good afternoon to me and them wishing me a good afternoon. We did the weather, what day it was, what month it was and the date. We did our letter sounds too and I really enjoyed it! I'm not great at crowd control but I'm getting better at it! They think I'm funny as I forget the words to the songs sometimes! I'm far too soft for my own good. I'm tired, but I'm enjoying it and I'm looking forward to going back there tomorrow.  It's all my mum's fault as she never let me go to nursery when I was a kiddie so I'm going now! Making up for lost time.

So I'm having fun at the moment and even though the extra hours at nursery have taken me away from my writing (I really need to be getting on with my articles!) I'm glad I've been given the opportunity to spend more hours at the nursery with the children . From next week I'll be doing 9am-3-m every week as well as my daily lunchtime sessions - and the money will come in handy for my new computer I want to buy!

Happy playing writing!
Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

What wonderful news, Julie, and you sound so happy! Great! Do copy the cover so we can all see it, please. I'm so pleased for you...hugs, Carole xx

Diane Perry said...

Julie, It's brilliant and you keep popping up in the adverts too. You are in Writing magazine as well I think I need to get your autograph very soon!
Congratulations, it was a great article.

Julie P said...

Hi, Carole

I am happy! It's a wonderful nursery and the staff have been great - I knew them from when Isobel went there so it's really nice that I'm now working there.
Some of the hildren remember/know Isobel and Isobel remembers them so she always aske me who I've been playing with in nursery!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Di!

I know! It's mad isn't it! I've just had confirmation that the article I wrote about your mom and Carole is going to be in the next issue (April) of Writing mag too!

I can't wait to see that one!

Julie xx

Olivia Ryan said...

Yes, I was so chuffed to see you on the cover - have showed it to everyone I've seen! You're doing so well! Congratulations. No wonder you're on a high! x

Olivia Ryan said...

Yes, I was so chuffed to see you on the cover - have showed it to everyone I've seen! You're doing so well! Congratulations. No wonder you're on a high! x

Julie P said...

Thanks, Olivia!

Hope the people you showed it to weren't too traumatised!!

Julie xxx