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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

NAWG Comps Open!!

I had the new NAWG publication The Link through today and what a refreshingly different format it comes in. The new editor has certainly made his mark as the mag/newsletter is completely unrecognisable! I'm not sure if I like the new format or not yet as there apears to be a lot less space for articles! (only has 4 A4 pages )No letters to the editor, as far as I could see, but the overall look and feel of it looks so much more professional and up to date.

The editor seems keen to hear from readers and gain their views on the new format and what they'd like to see in The Link - so this is your chance to lead the way! The new editor Steve Bowkett wants 'entertaining' and 'infomative' writing, but judging from the new format it looks as though he wants modern, cutting edge writing as well. It certainly presents a challenge - and the mags gone from having around seven or eight articles in per issue to having one! A lot of the new mag is taken up with explaining the new format and introducing the new contact details etc so hopefully there will be more content us freelancers can contribute to in the future - but if you have already had articles published in there in the past, as I have, you are going to have a shock and have to radically change the style of articles you submit to them!

If you've never submitted anything now would be a great time to do so if you have something fresh to offer - but bear in mind that as the number of articles in there has (temporarily, I hope!) gone down, the competition to get one in there will be higher, But don't let this put you off. Take a look at the submission guidelines and the newsletter to get a feel for the new 'lighter' presentation and feel of it. Contact the editor with your ideas and see what gives - he's new and he wants our ideas!

The 2010 NAWG competition categories have  also been announced and can be viewed on line at http://www.nawg.co.uk/ and comp is open to NAWG members only and is free - so get scribbling! You have up to April 12th to get your entries in. Several of Wrekin Writers entered last year and got placed so give it a go. I know I'm going to! Lets see how many placements we can get in the NAWG comps from the local area! The challenge has been set - go on I dare you to enter!



Sue Ross said...

Hi Julie.
Mine arrived today and I'm not sure about it at all.
There's so little room. What about encouraging new writers, which is what Mike did? How will Steve have room in a newsletter format?
I sound quite negative don't I.
Sorry link.

Julie P said...

That's what I thought too though, Sue! I kept checking the envelope in case the'real' magazine was lurking in there!

I think it's a bit of a too big a leap into the other direction really - but as Steve says,he's feling his way at the moment - I'm sure he'll get plenty of comments - some will love it, others, like us, will have our reservations.It will be a shame for many new writers out there if they don't add more space for articles. I cut my teeth on the old Link and I was so grateful to Mike for publishing my work and giving me pointers along the way.

We should email him and voice our concerns as he wants readers' comments!

The new layout is very similiar to the Association of freelance Writers' newsetter but they have more pages.

It will be interesting to see where Steve goes with it. But it will be sad if there isn't more room for articles and the like.

Julie xx

Simon Whaley said...

I like the idea that they were talking about making an 'emailable' copy. That way, those of the group on email would each receive a copy and those who are not on email could have the physical copies.

I'm sure this is just a question of a new management team settling in. perhaps they were trying to do too much, too soon.

Lynne Hackles said...

The big question is, as an individual, do I want to pay £15 a year for this format?
The last version might have looked tired but there was plenty to read. I know Mike always had problems filling the pages so perhaps that came into the decision.

Julie P said...

Yes, I agree that the e-mail copy is a great idea, Simon. I think you're right - they will take readers and contributors views on board and I think we'll see a few more changes yet!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

I think it's gone from one extreme to the other, Sue!! I think they will have to put more pages in there for the £15 fee - there didn't seem to be much in there to encourage new writers or to inform them - as it's a magazine for writers' groups, I feel there ought to be more 'how to' or similiar articles in there, plus maybe, a feature on different writers' groups every issue so we can see what different groups do up and down the country?

We'll see what happens!

Julie xx