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Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Power of the Blog!

Well done fellow Wrekin Writer and valued friend Brenda Carter on getting her first short story sold to My Weekly! But she might not have done so if the lovely people in Blog Land - Womag, Sally and Teresa and countless others hadn't had their ears to the ground! The editor had asked another blogger to put a post on Womag's blog trying to try and trace Brenda as the front sheet of Brenda's story with her contact details had come adrift and she wanted to buy her story but had no way of contacting her!! Any way, to cut a long story short (geddit? Hah hah!) I saw the post and managed to get hold of Brenda after a few frustrating hours and she is now floating somewhere over North Shropshire on cloud nine!

So there you go! The blog is all powerful and you will be found - there is no hiding place! What's interesting is that Brenda said the particular story that was purchased has been floating around for a year, as she was asked by the editor to rewrite the ending - so don't despair, there is hope for us! It has fired my enthusiasm up for short story writing again (As you know I have been putting it off after all those rejections and have been a little scared of trying the markets again  and then the article writing got in the way. I know, I know, excuses, excuses!) I was still basking in all the excitement and my joy for Brenda's spectacular acheivement that when I was in the bath I had a EUREKA! moment. No, I didn't run round the neighbourhood, naked. I had an idea for a short story and within the hour I have just finished the 1st 1000 word draft! My writer's block/short story writing aversion/phobia has gone!

I have lots of editing to do and it still might be rejected but I'm never going to get another short story published if I don't feel the fear and do it anyway - even if  do feel as though I am banging my head against a brick wall sometimes! And Brenda's wonderful success has inspired me to have another bash at it. So thank you, Brenda! She is wonderful and so deserves this success - long may it continue, you published writer you!

Julie xx


womagwriter said...

Wahey, this story gets better and better! Best of luck with your latest, Julie. Glad the whole episode inspired you, and many thanks for your part in tracking down Brenda!

Diane Perry said...

Oh that's wonderful! Well done Brenda. It's lovely isn't it that when you hear of someone's success, it inspires you. Go for it Julie!

Teresa Ashby said...

Brenda's story is an inspiring one isn't it, Julie and I'm so glad it's inspired you to have another go.
Good luck with the editing - those stories that arrive as you describe are often the winners :-)

Julie P said...

It does get better doesn't it, Womag!! It was only by chance I logged onto blogspot yesterday too.

Brenda is so grateful to everyone in Blog Land fot their help in tracking her down too - she should be on line again soon!

I might not get another story published for a while yet but one thing is sure - I'll be putting my details on every sheet from now on!!

Julie xx

Julie P said...
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Julie P said...

She'll be floating round the room on Saturday at the meeting - I'll have to bring some string to tether her to her chair!! So inspiring.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Teresa,

I do hope I can get a short storry sold soon! I have been putting off writing them as you know - but what with Brenda's success and all your stories and others in Woman's Weekly special - it has inspired me again to have another bash at it!

Might take another 40 stories might not - might take more (Gasps amd clutches chest!) But I won't know unless I try.

Julie xx

Quillers said...

Julie, I sent over 30 stories to TAB the year before last, and had all but given up. I sent a story vowing it would be my last attempt. And Norah phoned me up to accept it!

So do keep trying.

And well done again, Brenda!

Julie P said...

Thanks, Quillers - it seems to be the way it is doesn't it! I have four new stories in the pipeline that I'm going to work hard on over the next two weeks. I'm aiming one at Fiction Feast, one at The Weekly News, one at Take A Break and the other at Fast Fiction (Australia).

I've been reading all the stories in these mags again and thinking hard about how I can improve mine to fit the brief and hopefully get them accepted. But who knows!

I've learned a lot over the past year about writing short stories but I'm not quite there yet. It was getting me down and I was worried that I just couldn't do it - but I hope this time, with what I've learned, I'll make a break through.

Thanks for all of your support, Quillers - and I can't wait to see Brenda tomorrow at our writing group - it will be celebrations all round!

Julie xx

Olivia Ryan said...

Just catching up on everything from before I went away, and had to pop in to say how much I enjoyed the whole story about Brenda's success and the detective work that went into finding her! Well done to all you bloggers and especially well done to Brenda!

Lydia said...

Better than a soap opera! Well done bloggers and well done Liz for bothering to sleuth out Brenda. It just goes to show that if a story is right, it will get there in the end. Well done, Brenda! See - I go away for one week and something as exciting as that happens - it's enough to make you stay at home (O.K. maybe not!) but it's good to be back to such a lovely story!

Julie P said...

It's fantastic isn't it, Lydia! And what a story to come back to - welcome back! It gives us all hope doesn't it.

Julie xxx