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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Fantastic Forward

Clocks go forward tonight! Fantastic! Don't let this extra hour go to waste  - use it as a writing opportunity! Don't just lie there languishing in bed, get out there, take your notebook and pen or laptap and get writing  - see what you can achieve in that hour. I intend to use the clocks going forward as an excuse to turn over a new leaf, embrace the spirit of Spring and Easter by giving myself a fresh and new outlook to my writing, encourage new growth after a Winter of darkness, coldness and barreness. POST PUBLICATION NOTE: YES I KNOW I GOT IT WRONG! I think I've finally cracked and have definitely got egg on my face! My mouth sprang into action before my brain had chance to think about it! I think my brain was trying to protect itself by trying to fool itself into believing it wasn't going to lose an hour's sleep  - that was too traumatic a reality for it so it's gone off into its own fantasy world LOL!But I shall pretend I had an extra hour today and will still write something!

I always feel much better this time of year, when the cheerful yellow trumpets of the daffodils start to bloom, heralding the arrival of Spring and of longer, lighter days to come (oh and the chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns of course!) So I'm feeding off the rejeuvenation of nature and using my new found energy to kick start my writing again. After my coughs, colds and iffy tummies I've been feeling run down and have been dithering and faffing about and, to my shame and frustration, doing very little that is writing related. But I feel that a change is in the air and from tomorrow and that extra hour I'm going to get going and actually write something and finish off the short stories I've been trying to write for the past couple of weeks!

Happy writing and do tell me what you got up to with your extra hour (if you want to and it's suitable for mentioning in polite company!!)

As promised, pics of Isobel and her TALKie Award  - can't get her winning entry on here yet, but I'm working on it! If you click on this link and click on TAWKies 2010  and then drawn animation at the top of the sreen, you can see Isobel's The Bear Went Over The Mountain winning drawn animation! 

Isobel's TAWKie trophy

Isobel with trophy & certs

Julie xx


Suzanne Jones said...

Isobel's a real cutie and that's some trophy - it's nearly as big as she is. You must be so proud.


Carole Anne Carr said...

A lovely photograph, one of many to treasure. Much love to you both,
Carole xx

Lynne Hackles said...

your blog and all of its enthusiasm and I'm sorry to burst your bubble but the clocks going forward mean we lose an hour, not gain one. That extra hour happens when they fall back in the autumn.
You do so much that you seem to have an extra hour or two in every day!

Julie P said...

Thank you Lynne! LOL! I make the same mistake every year! Wishful thinking! I definitely yearn for more hours in the day.

You should have heard the conversation between me and my husband and daughter this am. I actually put some clocks back an hour last night and so when my daughter got up I told her it was 5.45am when it was, in fact, 6.45am and when the sound of the door being opened heralding the arrival of my husband home from night shift at the same time, I couldn't work out why my husband was home so early!! CRAZY WOMAN alert!

I will get my bearings just in time for the clocks to go back, LOL! I shall pretend I had an extra hour in the day today! Now where's the chocolate?!

Julie XX

Julie P said...

Thanks, Carole! She's very proud of herself and she has since got a new boyfriend who holds her hand and she says she's going to marry him (this happens every week when she changes her mind and choices a different boy!) Writing Mag should be on it's way this week - Brenda said she post hers to you.


Julie xx

Julie P said...

I have just been told that a BBC weather person kept saying the same thing as I did about the clocks going forward and having an extra hour (live on air!) until someone told them we lose an hour!

I am not alone in my madness and stupidity! ;0)

Julie xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

Don't feel bad! Yes, the clocks get put forward an hour, but nobody "loses an hour" at all - there's still 24 hours in the day. It's not like there's now 23.

(Apologies for being so literal!)

Julie P said...

That's very true, Anon! It all works out in the end! I think the clocks going back/forward just addles my brain!

Julie xx

Doctor FTSE said...

What might/would we have done with that wee-small hour that vanished? (Storyline . . . a writer makes the same mistake as the BBC announcer and Julie. And sits up late, using the imaginary "extra" hour to plot or even write an absolutely brilliant short story. A 24 carat diamond of a story. Retires for the night, exhausted by the effort, but mighty pleased with the result. Wakes next morning to realize that actually a hour has vanished into thin air. Oh well, no matter. These things happen! Boots up PC to print out the Happy Hour story . . . OK folks . . you've guessed the rest . . . )

Julie P said...

Quite, Doctor FTSE! You never know what might become of these things do you - and what a great story to tell the press and your grandkids when what you wrote with that phantom extra hour becomes a best seller - stranger things have happened!

Lord help me when the clocks go back again is all I can say - best to ignore what ever I post on that day!

Julie xx