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Friday, 5 March 2010

Internet Gremlins and no Byline!

Hello! I'm back on-line again after my router decided it had had enough teatime yesterday and went on strike! BT were very good and tried to identify and fix the problem over the phone by relaying instructions to me but it wasn't to be! The engineer came out this afternoon and we have a new router and it's working perfectly at the moment!

I felt like my hands were tied behind my back yesterday when I couldn't access the Internet! And it's a good thing I was in nursery all day today as an extra shift to take my mind off the fact I had no Internet and it kept my hands busy too. It was very stressful as I was desperate to access my emails and I couldn't! Still - it's all okay now (fingers crossed).

Another thing that really made me seethe last night was that the local paper had used my feature but it wasn't on the feature's page, it was further in the paper and they seemed to have missed my name off it! I only noticed it as I recognised the photos! It was very cheeky of the paper as the editor did say he couldn't pay but my name would be on it! So what happened?! It's probably a good thing for the editor I had no Internet yesterday and part of today! I don't mind the not being paid as I accepted that  -  but when they don't put your name on it it looks like it's been written by one of their staff writers which I am not! I wanted it for my portfolio but as my name's not on it it makes proving it's my work a little difficult. Grrr Grrr Grrr!

On a lighter note, I wrote a complete short story last night  -  I had to blow off steam somewhere! So I hope by channelling my frustrations creatively I might get a short story sale.  I could complain but what would be the point? They mislabelled one of the photos too. Shame on that newspaper!Damage is done! Just hope the charity don't e-mail me about it  - I shall point them in the direction of the editor.

Has anyone started to read  a novel they've always wanted to read yet, being as it was National Book Day on Thursday? I'm about half way through The Time Traveller's Wife now and it's really good. I found it a bit confusuing to begin with as the main character is time travelling left right and centre! But I think I have it all under control now! I find I have to read a bit of it each day as if I miss a few days I get confused again!

Let me know which book you're reading: why you chose it, and what you think about it.

Happy writing and reading

Julie xx


Diane Perry said...

That is rotten of the Newspaper Julie, it's so frustrating is't it, but never mind, your portfolio is doing fantastic at the moment.

I chose to read Marley and Me by John Grogan. I can't resist anything with animals in it. I was gripped straight away and that was only the preface!

Julie P said...

That's one of my Aunt's favourite books too. She sent it to me to read but I haven't got round to it yet! Stories with animals want to make me cry - especially if the animals are in danger!

Julie xx

Olivia Ryan said...

I know how you feel, Julie, about the internet. We have a very bad connection in this area. We've already had two new routers, but our internet connection regularly goes down for an hour or two at a time - it just can't seem to cope. It's infuriating, and like you, I feel so frustrated when it's off. How did we cope without it just a few short years ago??

As for your byline, I think it would be worth phoning the editor -it was probably someone's carelessness or forgetfulness rather than being a deliberate omission but as you weren't paid, they should appreciate you wanted the byline, and maybe they could publish a short line in the next issue to the effect that the feature was yours, or even send you a letter - you could clip this to your copy, in your file. Better than nothing. One of the big magazines, years ago, attributed one of my stories to a different writer. The editor was almost as upset as me, and sent me a huge bouquet of flowers in apology! - as well as printing a short message in a following issue about the mistake, which I cut out and clipped to the story. Never quite the same, but it helps.

Glad you're enjoying Time Traveller's Wife - I loved it, although I agree it gets confusing at times! xx

Julie P said...

It is confusing - The Time Traveller's Wife, isn't it! Glad it's not just me - but it is a great book.

I just can't be bothered to take it up with the editor - I just won't submit anything to them again. I'm too busy anyway! It may have just been an oversight but if they can't handle their freelancers professionally, especially as they don't pay them and I approached them professionally, then I don't want to know!

So far the Internet has stayed connected (fingers crossed). We've only had a problem once before in the three years we've had the Internet - so I think we did quite well!

Julie xx

Mike said...

Failure to give credit suggests contempt for one's contribution; that they don't think you're serious, and whether you think it was deliberate or accidental, you must query it.
In this case I'm sure it was a mistake; after all, they thought your article and photographs were worth printing; it's not a small piece of work. However, if it was not, you've no reason to give them anything else. You've seen your work in print, so that step in your progress as a writer has been achieved ; now you require a byline; next you want payment.

You're a good and accomplished writer; it's time to exact the recognition you deserve.

Mike xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Mike. It's just bizarre! The last feature I sent them they printed with my name (the one about HADS) but this one wasn't in the features bit and that's why I almost missed it. It's a good job my husband had bought the paper for me or I wouldn't have seen it.

It's a shame because I had previously been treated well by the editor - it's possible the missing off of my name has nothing to do with him and he hasn't realised - I've got over it now - there's not a lot they can do really that will make any difference now.

I only sent it to the paper as I thought it might be useful to the charity as well as good for my portfolio - so money didn't really come into it. But generally I'm only submitting to paying markets that give a byline now. I spend a lot of time on my articles and it costs some money to produce them - so if I don't get paid I run at a loss which I can't afford to do!

Onwards and upwards!
Julie xx