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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

World Book Day on Thursday 4th March

As it is World Book Day on Thursday the children and staff at my daughter's school are all dressing up as their favourite book characters. And that means as I am in nursery all day, I'll be dressing up too! I'm quite looking forward to it  -  if  I can decide what to be! All suggestions greatly received. What's going on in your area to celebrate World Book Day?

I have finished reading The lovely bones by Alice Sebold (now a major motion picture ;0) ) And it's a fantastic book. Yes I know I could have just gone and seen the movie but I prefer to read the books first then go to see the film if I feel so inclined - only I don't in this case. I don't want to spoil the feel of the book, as sometimes films based on the books do. It was a sad, poignant but hopeful book and I'd urge anyone who likes to read books with a supernatural, life/death theme to read it. It will make you think!

I am getting into the spirit of World Book Day and have just started to read The Time Traveller's Wife. No I didn't see this film either, so I'm looking forward to reading this one too. I haven't read a novel prior to the Lovely Bones for a while so it's so nice to be able to get back into reading for pleasure again (if writers can ever truly read for pleasure.)

What 's your favourite book that you have read recently and why did it resonate with you? I think fiction is a powerful force in our lives and I love the feeling when I connect with a piece of writing. The writers' search is always to connect with readers I think - to reach another human being with your words.

Let's celebrate World Book Day on Thursday in style and pledge to read at least one book through March that we have always wanted to. Then at the end of March I'll be asking you to send in a short peice on the book you read and what World Book Day meant to you. Any one interested in taking part? Let me know and I'll send you my email address. I'll be posting your comments throughout April.

Happy reading and writing

Julie xx


Julie P said...

Just wanted to say to whomever it is who writes comments to my blog in Japanese or Chinese writing, My apologies as I am having to reject your comments as I do not understand your language and I'm not sure how much English you understand. But if you have read my blog and feel the need to comment then why not comment in English?

Please comment in English only - I would love to hear your views


Thank you

Diane Perry said...

Hi Julie
I love the idea about world book day. We are dressing up anyway on Thursday at work for Haiti. I would love to take part in the reading challenge

Julie P said...

Fantastic, Di!

I'll give more details on the 4th. I hope your dress up day for Haiti goes well. I'm going as a cat to mine!

Julie xx

Mike said...

Hi, Julie,
I've just read Jason Goodwin's The Janissary Tree, a detective story set in Instanbul in the 1830s, at the time of the Ottoman Empire. I bought it because I met and liked the author, and enjoyed it particularly because his detective enjoys cooking, and there are recipes in the book. I tried fish with walnut & garlic marinade, which was excellent. I wrote to compliment him, and he replied today.

Julie P said...

That sounds great, Mike! I'm not familiar with his work but the recipe sounds delicious - he's obviously a nice chap as he replied to your compliments!

I'm still plouging through The Time Traveller's Wife. It's brilliant so far - trouble is I don't want to put it down, but I mst if I want to sleep!

Julie xx

Sue Ross said...

When DO you sleep Julie?

Julie P said...

I can never get enough sleep, Sue! But I find if I don't read something before I go to sleep I don't sleep well!

Julie xx