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Thursday, 8 April 2010

April Frenzy Day three

I sort of had a day off from writing yesterday and had an April baking frenzy instead. I made cup cakes and bread. I hadn't made bread for years so it was great to get my hands into some dough again, and I find the process of kneading the dough very therapeutic. The bread didn't taste too bad considering it was the first attempt after many years but I know I can do better.

I did do a bit of writing yesterday, mostly editing, which enabled me to post off my two competition entries  (a short story and a poem) today. It felt good to have made a submission again after a bit of a dry spell and I know I'll be making many more from now on.

It's been a beautiful day here so I went to Wenlock with my family and while my husband and daughter indulged themselves in the delight of the local playground, I went for a walk around Linden Feilds and up Windmill Hill. There's a building on top that has been there for years and has recently been restored. As kids we always called it the windmill, though it isn't really a windmill. I forget what it was but I remember having to run up that flipping hill as a child doing cross country running at the adjacent William Brookes School! We had to touch the building and run down again. If you tried to cut the corner off and failed to touch the windmill you had to run up and down the hill again. I touched the building every time! And it was nice to go back up there today to touch it again, rather like greeting an old friend.

Tonight, I will either be editing another short story for the women's mags market or starting on another poem. I also had a good idea for a short story for a competition, so I'm keen to get started on that too. I'm also so close to finishing the first draft of my NaNo novel (about 3000 words to go) so I want to use some of my time before school starts again to get it finished! My tax return form arrived this morning too (gulp) oh joy, so I'll be completing that at some point too.

I have lots to be getting on with and I'm enjoying the process and I'm so glad I decided to give short stories another go. Even if it takes me another forty short stories to get one published (or even if I don't manage it at all) I'm just happy to be writing fiction again. I'm reading all the TAB and Weekly News short stories I can get my hands on and hoping I can get my stories to that standard. I was spurred on by reading Teresa Ashby's excellent story in this week's TAB I Want Adventure, so we'll see what happens!

It's the Wenlock Poetry Festival over this weekend, so I'm looking forward to attending some of that and I hope I see some of my fellow Wrekin Writers and bloggers there too. Whatever you're doing over the weekend, I hope you get some time to enjoy the sunny weather. It's nice to have a bit of warmth and to be able to leave the house without taking a coat or brolly!

Happy writing

Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

Lucky you, Wenlock Poetry Festival and it looks at though you will have great weather for it. And bread baking too, that sounds like one very happy bunny! Hugs.... Carole. xx

Julie P said...

I can't wait for tomorrow, Carole! - bought a new notebook in preperation for the creative writing workshop tomorrow. I've no idea what we will be doing at the workshop but I'm sure I'll get something out of it - whatever it is.

I hope to making some more bread soon too!

Julie xx