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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Most welcome uplift!

No, I'm not talking about wonder-bras here. I received my May copy of Writing Magazine through the post today, which surprised me as I wasn't expecting it until next week. Anyway, I was reading the letters page and saw at the bottom a miniature picture of my article The Silver age of publishing that was featured in April's magazine. Above it was a letter written by a 79 year old lady who wanted to say thank you to me for that article. Apparently she'd read the article and it had spurred her on to revitalise her writing career. And good luck to you Isabel Woznicki from West Yorkshire! May you indeed go onwards and upwards!

And that thank you note in the magazine couldn't have come at more opportune moment. My confidence and resolve was beginning to dip a smidgen and when I read that letter my motivation and determination to succeed rose skyward again. In fact I got so high I waved to the astronauts at the space station as I rocketted past them! I'm sure I saw The Tardis out in a distant galaxy too (oh yes it's back this weekend!)

So thank you, too, Isabel, for taking the time to comment on my article, you've done me a favour too.

On the school front. I'm glad I've got the next two weeks off with my daughter and my husband is off from Tuesday so it will be great to have some family time.  We are going to my dad's tomorrow morning for hot cross buns and I have loads of arty craft activities to do with Isobel over the holidays. I made 36 cakes for the PTA Easter cake sale today and they all sold  - we had four tables of cakes on display ranging from Easter nest cakes, fairy cakes, coconut covered cakes and jam tarts and by the end (we had sold a lot before the bell even went and the sale took about 20 mins) we only had a few jam tarts left. That's what I call a fantastic cake sale. I was nervous making them   - I don't know why as I've been baking and decorating cakes for years. But this was the first time I'd done it for the school. Me and my daughter had made some for her class once but I was worried my cakes wouldn't be good enough for the PTA. My fears were unfounded and my cakes went within ten minutes! Result! And we're going to be making a lot more!

Happy Easter, whatever you're doing

Julie xx


Suzanne Jones said...

The praise was well deserved Julie - it was a fabulous article.

Am so impressed with your cake making. I used to buy mine in Tesco and one of the other mums would take them from me to unwrap and re-wrap in cling film so they'd look home-made on the stall(blush).


klahanie said...

Hi Julie,
Did somebody mention cake? Perhaps you might like to bake some angel and fairy cakes for the 'wee folks' wedding? lol
I think that is so nice that someone took the time to comment on your article. Great news and continued happy writing, Julie.
With respect and kindness, Gary x

Mike said...

You're an inspiration to us all, Julie.

Carole Anne Carr said...

Wish I could have had some of those cakes, Julie! So very pleased you have a chance to share hot cross buns with your family and hopefully a time to slow down. Great news that you feel so upbeat about your writing, we get knocked down but soon bounce back. It's obviously the bouncing bit that is important.
Happy Easter for Sunday, hot cross buns in the morning, can't wait - oops... it is after midnight so it won't be long!
Hugs and love, Carole xxx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Suzanne!

I enjoyed researching and interviewing both Carole and Phyllis for that article - it was a joy to write. Phyllis has been a member of Wrekin Writers (writing group) for years, along with the daughter, our Di of Work to Write and Inside The Chicken Coup, and they've both had success with their writing.

Carole, as we know, is unstoppable! Having written loads of children's books catering for all age groups - her stamina puts me to shame!

Now I know that my standard of cake making is more than acceptable I have no qualms about making more for them! Some of the cakes on sale yesterday were Tesco specials! Nothing wrong with that - a cake is a cake and as long as it sells I don't think anyone's bothered!

It was my mum who was the great cake baker and I tthink some of it has rubbed off on me. My sister has just taken a sugarcraft cake decorating course - she's fantastic at it. I can't decorate them to her standard but I'm hoping she'll teach me!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Oooh, angel of fairy cake (or both!) would be fantastic at the wedding. Let me know the date in plenty of time so I can buy a new hat!

It was a nice thing that the lady who commented on my article did - and it's wondeful of the editor to put it in!

Take care and say hi to the wee folk for me!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Mike! You have been very encouraging to me and my writing, you and Susan both have and I do appreciate it.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

I will make you some cakes, Carole, so you can judge the quality for yourself! My family have never had any complaints so I assume they are palatable!

I hope you enjoyed your hot cross buns. I've been invited by my father to go his house this am and have hot cross buns, so Isobel and myself are looking forward to that. Dave's at work so my brother- in -law is picking us up.

Happy Easter!
Julie xx

Olivia Ryan said...

Happy Easter, Julie - and congrats on getting that comment from the magazine reader. Makes it all feel worthwhile, doesn't it! x

Diane Perry said...

What a lovely letter and how lovely for you to think you made someone's day. I loved the little picture and can't wait to show Mom.
Well done.
Happy Easter

Kate said...

Happy Easter Julie, and congratulations on the great feedback :-)

Kath said...

I read that letter, Julie, and it must have made you feel wonderful. Happy Easter xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Olivia! Yes, it made my day too. I'm glad the lady enjoyed the article and it's spurred me on to do more - when I've finished my novel (yikes!) and turned out a couple of short stories I can submit to the women's mags again.

Happy Easter

Julie xx

Julie P said...

It was a great letter, Di, and was a nice surprise and confidence booster after the few article proposals were rejected! But I see it as an apportunity to get going with my fiction writing again and trying other magazines for my non-fiction stuff.

Happy Easter - I hope the girls have a 'cracking' time!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Kate - have a fantastic Easter!

Julie xx

Julie P said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie P said...

It did, Kath!

I'm just so pleased that a) the article had an impact on the lady and b)she took the time to write in!

Gave me a much needed boost.

Happy Easter

Julie xx

Joylene said...

Hi Julie,

I've awarded you the Beautiful Blogger Award.
Check out the details:


Julie P said...

Hi, Joylene and thank you very much for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Another lovely surprise.

Julie xx