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Friday, 16 April 2010

Time flies

This month is going fast. It's scary really. I can't believe it's the Wrekin Writers' meeting tomorrow. Has it really been a month since the last one? Well they say a rolling stone gathers no moss. Incidently I saw an experiement on Mythbusters a while back where they did an experiment on that very saying! They tried to get moss to grow on rocks that were inside this revolving wheel contraption and they also rolled rocks that were covered with moss down a huge hill (they clearly have far too much time on their hands, as must I for watching it in the first place!) The result being that moss does indeed grow on rolling stones!

But anyway  - I prefer to believe it doesn't and, in the spirit of the original concept, I have been moving around a lot in the sense of my writing, in the hope that a busily writing writer gathers more acceptance slips!  I've fully embraced my desire to get some short stories published and have already sent one out there. I also have a further four I am editing at the moment that I wrote over the past two weeks. They are aimed at The Weekly News, Take A Break and Take A Break Fiction Feast, and once my reader has cast their professional and critical eye over them (thank you reader!) I'll be giving them a final edit and submitting them ASAP.

I still have the spectre of 39 rejections from my last attempt at short story writing hanging over me. But that one success I had is shining through like a beacon, urging me onwards. As are the recent successes other bloggers have shared with us. So it really is a case of eyes down and get writing at the moment.

I'm looking forward to the meeting tomorrow  -  I need to go to it for a rest and some sanity (well maybe sanity may be pushing it a bit  with that lot! ;0)

It's back to school Monday, and back to nursery/volunteer reading. But I must keep persevering with the writing as well. I have a tendancy to want to do nothing in between the times I'm at nursery/school and this is a habit I need to break if I'm to take my writing seriously and want tp get my stories published/

Happy writing

Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

Yes, I find that too, Julie, so easy to let things slide, concentrate upon something else. But unless I finish the editing and begin the next, I shall never push this venture forward.
Good luck with stickability. Hugs and love.. xx

Julie P said...

I'm hoping if I put some distance between by NaNo novel and my brain - I'll come back to it with fresh enthusiasm which will give me the motivation to read it through and edit it!

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

It is hard to keep writing when real life gets in the way. But you're so enthusiastic, I know you'll do it.