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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

First discussion

Thanks everyone for your positive response to my call for us do do a discussion/reading group. I'm sure it's going to be helpful to us as writers to move our writing forward. I'm feeling quite excited about it! I think it would be beneficial for us to have a few ground rules re the discussion and would welcome anyone's ideas on what they want from the forum.

I think, from the comments recieved, that we will start with short stories. I'd like to look at short stories from one woman's magazine at a time and if there are no objections I'd like to start with TAB Fiction Feast. If over the next week we can have a read through of the latest edition of this magazine and pick out a story each that we like or one that doesn't engage us and we'll think about the following things:

*The opening sentence/paragraph
*The theme/storyline
*Word count
*Why you think it got published
*Does it follow the magazine's submission Guidelines?
*What we can use from the above to improve our own writing and increase our chances of publication?

Is there anything else that you think might be useful?

I am hoping to post our findings/discussion a week today on the 19th May in the evening. If you already have a story from this magazine that you would like to discuss then please email me and I will ensure that you can post your findings on here so that we can open it up to comments from those who want to. I will make sure that everyone gets to say what they want to about their chosen story and that we have an open discussion.

I know it goes without saying that everyone's views will be treated with respect  -  I don't want any fighting! I bruise like a peach!

Happy reading!

Julie xx


Suzanne Jones said...

This is a brilliant idea, Julie.


Simon Whaley said...

Interesting idea. What about considering viewpoint too?

Julie P said...

Thanks Suzanne - it will be interesting to see what we all come up with

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Simon - I knew there was something I missed!

Julie xx

Milton said...

Hi Julie

Count me in too.

Milt x

Julie P said...

Will do Milt!

Julie xx