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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Re Recent analysis/blog posting

I have unfortunately been asked to remove the blog posting on the recent story analysis. This is due to some concerns re copyright issues over the quotes that were used to demonstrate the analysis. My apologies to the person who highlighted this and the blog has been removed as requested.

On this blog all we are trying very hard to do is to look at stories  (excellent stories I might add) that have made it into publication, in order to help those of us who are struggling. But unfortunately, in light of this one complaint, we will no longer be able to do this here. However, if anyone is still interested in taking part in the analysis we will have to do it privately via e-mail. So if you're still game let me know!

Just goes to show how careful you need to be when posting about anything. Even if you are acting with the best of intentions and trying to help people to better understand how short stories work and to improve our own writing  - it doesn't always work out as you had planned!

Happy Writing!

Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

Pity about that, Julie. It's a funny old world. Hugs and love, Carole xxx

Diane Perry said...

It's a shame Julie.
I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy, learn and give feed back on what makes a good story.

It was a great idea and I have enjoyed looking at other writers work.

I really wanted to be part of a continuous forum that encourages writers to get writing and learn from those who are already gaining success

Well done for trying.


Olivia Ryan said...

Hi Julie. I'm sorry to hear you had to remove one of your posts. I didn't see it, unfortunately, and now of course I can't, but it's a shame as I'm sure you were certainly only acting with the best of intentions. It'd be a real pain to get copyright clearance from a magazine publisher, just to quote a few lines of a story on a blog, so I guess that's something you won't be able to do any more. Seems a shame.

In the past, I've had a published story of mine analysed in an article by one of the writing magazines (I was very thrilled and honoured!) so I suppose the writer must have got copyright clearance from the mag in question, to quote from my story. Never occurred to me. We live and learn! x

Kath said...

Julie, presumably it would be ok if it was a closed blog. Congrats on your recent sale by the way.

Julie P said...

Thanks, Kath

Yes, I'm going to set up a closed blog so we can continue our analysis. It would be a shame to have to stop now as I think it's a valuable exercise and could really help us all to improve our writing.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Carole

It certainly is a funny old world! But we must always strive to not cause any distress to fellow writers - we wouldn't want anything to be said or done to us that we don't like, afterall.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Don't worry, Di! All is not lost.I'm setting up a closed blog so we can continue our analysis.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Olivia

Thanks for your support. It certainly was unintentional - lesson learned though. I was mortified when I got the e-mail and removed the posts immediately after I'd read it.

Both David (fellow blogger) and I are frustrated by our own niavity and lack of thought/consideration for the author's feelings. Even though the critiques were most favourable and we learned a lot from both these brilliant stories, I'm extremely annoyed with myself.

I have e-mailed the author concerned with an apology and her comments and advice has been taken on board. I am setting up a closed blog to further the analysis exercise as it's working so well.

Julie xx

Mistakes Writers Make said...

Hi Julie -
I didn't see the original post, but there is a fair use exemption in copyright law - and comment and criticism together form one of the two (the other is parody, I think).

You can - of course - quote from the original for the purposes of review and to critique.

In Olivia's case, I'm sure the writer didn't get copyright clearance (who owns the copyright in your story anyway? you or the magazine in which it first appeared? normally you would keep copyright) because it's taken as read that extracts can be used. How else can artistic works get reviewed?

The law is, I believe, unclear as to how much constitutes fair use. I've heard 5% and 10% mentioned but it's not set in stone, I don't think. Anyway - that would mean you can probably quote around, what, 150 - 200 words of a short story?

As I said, I don't know the particular circumstance and how much was quoted, but I'm surprised there's been a complaint - you'd think most people would indeed be flattered.

I'm researching copyright at present, and there'll be a section on my blog on it at some point, because there's so much confusion about this out there.

All the best, Alex

Julie P said...

Hi, Alex

There is so much confusion out there re copyright so anything you can uncover about the 'rules' would be great.

I think the author who complained was worried that the magazine owners themselves would not be happy about it as the story was from a current issue of the magazine. Also I think the author would have liked to have had her permission sought before we embarked on the analysis of the story. Fair comment I feel and in hindsight I should have thought more carefully about what I was doing. They were flattered and pleased with the comments about their story but hey ho - I have a private blog to do it all on now so we haven't lost anything. Everything is cool now!

Onwards and upwards!

Julie xx