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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Happy Productivity

I'm happy to report that I sent two short stories off today: one by snail mail and the other by e-mail to opposite sides of the world! One here in Good Old England and the other in equally Good Old Australia. Also, not content with having my own stories rejected, I'm having e-mails about other people's stories too! I had an e-mail from a mag saying they weren't going to buy one of my stories but the story they rejected wasn't one of mine as far as I'm aware! I keep accurate records and in this case I'm glad I do as I couldn't find it in my records and I don't recall writing it. I can only guess that they have rejected one of mine but put someone else's story title in the e-mail. A disappointment? Well I'm not sure really! I have e-mailed them back to find out which story they have rejected so I can tweak it ready to send it elsewhere - but as I have two out with them I need to know which one it is! Another remarketing opportunity yay!

Just shows that editor's are only human and do get things mixed up just like the rest of us do. And when you consider how many submissions they get a day it's a miracle it doesn't happen more frequently than it does. Or maybe it is me and my records aren't quite as accurate as I think - slap wrists!

I have lots of short stories whizzing around in my head as usual but I never seem to have enough time to get them down on paper  -  my fault. But I'm trying to make the effort to make more time and get them written. I can't submit what I haven't written now can I! I have to be responsible for my own decisions and I only have myself to blame when I haven't got anything published. So I'm relieved I've sent two off today - that's good going for me considering the other stuff I get up to.

I'm feeling more positive than ever about writing and I'm keen to send more short stories off soon. I also feel that I'm ready to start pitching ideas to some magazines too, so watch this space! I'm aware that many mags aren't taking any pitches/subs until next year (thanks Olivia for the info re: Writers' Forum - or was it Writers' Mag?!)

After completing the NaNo novel and its first draft, I've left it in its folder to stew and will be doing the second and third edits in the summer holidays when I'll have more time (I hope!) I'm so glad I managed to get the 750000 words on paper and I'm looking forward to shaping it into something coherent  - if that's possible!

So the plans for the next month are to get at least another three short stories doing the rounds and to have pitched at least four article ideas. I'm lucky in that I get most evenings free to write and sometimes I even get time in the day - if I'm a really good girl! Do you write plans/agendas for your writing or do you just take what comes? I find I hover between the two: I make a plan every week and try to stick to it but usually end up changing it and then abandoning it all together - but, amazingly, I still manage to get some writing done.

It's Wrekin Writers' this Saturday and I'm so looking forward to it as I was forced to cry off last month as I was ill. I need my Wrekin Writer fix!

Happy writing and let us know how your writing is going. I've posted one of my published articles and the original pitch and manuscript on my other blog Analyse Articles (private blog) plus a published short story and mauscript on Analyse This my short story private blog. So far no-ones commented (Am feeling paranoid now!)  ;0) which is a shame as I was hoping to have a great discussion about it! So come on writers - let's get going! If you want to join in let me know and I'll add you to the author lists so you can post and comment to your heart's content!

Julie xx


Suzanne Jones said...

Julie I'm so sorry, I've been neglecting your short story blog - deadline for reporting vat quarter plus accounting year end to sort (my life is one non-stop party) so I haven't been commenting much at all - but I hope to get some time at the weekend.

I like the sound of your article blog, too and if you don't mind a clueless article writer joining in, I might be angling for an invite. (I did get two articles published many moons ago - but suspect they wouldn't really qulify me for membership.)

Well done on all the writing and subbing - you've been busy. Am keeping fingers crossed for good news soon.


Julie P said...

Hi Suzanne!

You've been /are poorly so you is excused my dear!

Oh no not VAT (puts fingers in ears and hums la la la la la!) Tax returns are bad enough - I hope I'm never in the position where I have to worry about VAT!!!

Yup I'll invite you to the article one if you like. The more the merrier - none of us on there know a great deal about it (a part from Mr Whaley of course but he's just showing off! ;0)

Let's hope we all have good news soon! Are you feeling better?

Julie xx

L'Aussie said...

You have been busy Julie. I've got three shorts off to Fast Fiction That's Life which is probably where you sent yours. They are pretty slow. Haven't heard anything yet. When I've had them rejected I've heard back quickly, so I hope the silence means they're under consideration.

That's a funny sort of story about the rejection of the wrong story. Ha ha.

I'm going to hit up People's friend with a couple of shorts as they seem to print the nostalgic type that I write a lot of.

I'd be interested in joining the discussion on your article blog if you'll have me. I've had more articles published than short stories.

Hmm, tax! Finger in ears all right! I haven't done last year's, let alone the current one looming...eek...

Cheers ...:)

HelenMHunt said...

Good luck with your subs!

jenny wilson said...

Being a full time nurse I am a write when i get a few spare minutes kind of girl!
Good luck with the articles and short storiesx

Bernadette said...

Hi Julie

Good to see you're getting them out there - it's the only way to get sales! Good luck with them.

As far as the mystery return goes, I had one of those a couple of months ago (from a namesake of yours in Australia!) but it was clear from the email contents that it was someone else's return sent to my email address, so with any luck that's what yours is too.

Julie P said...

Hi, L'sussie

Yes, that's where I sent mine - nothing back so far but I find their reply rates very. But no news is good news as they say!

I'm glad you managed to get a few stories out. I'll be writing a couple this weekend with a view to sub them later next week. Having a second short story accepted really made the difference for me and gave me a much needed confidence boost - just a case of continuing to read the magazines I want to target and learning from the stories already published in them, writing and subbing my own! If we only had thirty hour days and ten day weeks eh?!

Good luck!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

PS L'Aussie - yay you can join our article blog - I think I still have your e-mail address?

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Helen! And good luck with yours too.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Jenny - yes you have to write when you can really and I take my hat off to you for nursing and writing - not easy!

Good luck with your writing
Julie xx

Kath said...

Hi, Julie. I would have loved to join your private blog but it started up just after I'd joined a blog where we post a story every two weeks. As I unfortunately (!) still work four days a week, time won't allow me to commit to too much - I fear I wouldn't do it justice.

I haven't seen Olivia's article and was a bit concerned at what you said about mags not accepting stuff till next year. Does this mean articles rather than short stories? Assume so, as you're still sending 'em out. Good luck with all your submissions.

Olivia Ryan said...

Hi Julie. Well done - it's such a good feeling to have some new submissions 'out there', isn't it. It gives us hope - where there are submissions out, there's always hope! But what a shame about the rejection-that-wasn't-yours! Perhaps they weren't intending to reject either of your stories - just sent the rejection to the wrong writer?

Kath, I mentioned on my blog recently that in accepting a feature from me recently, the editor of Writers' Forum told me he will not need any more articles this year, as he's snowed under and in any case relying more on series and less on stand-alone articles at the moment. Just passing that on!

Kath said...

Thanks, Olivia

Julie P said...

Hi, Olivia!

I emailed the editor and she said she did reject my story but had got two lines in her notes mixed up so she got my name and someone else's story title! But hey ho - she also aid she was looking forward to receiving more stories from me which is positive so I'm not down hearted about it.

I've got a few more stories on the go and I hope to get them out there soon - you're right. There's always hope if we have our stories out there but no hope if we don't! So we keep getting them out there!

How's little Noah?

Julie xx

Olivia Ryan said...

Bad luck with the story, Julie - but I'm glad to hear you're not downhearted. Noah's doing fine, thanks - he's 9 and a half months old now, can you believe? - and is away with his mum & dad on his first holiday, in Wales. I will put a new picture or two on my blog next time.

Sue Ross said...

Don't be paranoid Julie. I tried to log on to analyse this but can't remember how I get onto it. (For some reason blogger won't let me get onto my own blog either.)
looking forward to having a bash at it.

David said...

Sorry I haven't commented on your story yet, Julie. I did read it and loved it but haven't had a change to comment on it yet. I'm madly house-hunting at the moment (trying to fit viewings into lunchtimes and after work).

Julie P said...

Nine and a half months?! Where did that time go? Bless him. I can't believe mine is six in Sept!

I'm devoting this weekend to short story writing so will be sending more stories out again soon. I haven't exhausted all the possible outlets for the chicken story yet either, so I'll send that out again too.

Can't wait to see more pcs of the little fella!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Sue! Blogspot does have its moments doesn't it! I'll see if I can get into as well - I haven't been on it for a while.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, David

I hope your house move runs smoothly when you find the house! It's a nightmare house hunting isn't it - I don't envy you.

Julie xx