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Friday, 30 July 2010

What a Difference a Week Makes

I'm pleased to report that writing wise the first week of the summer holidays has gone well. I have now sent off four short stories and have two that will be ready to send out next week. I'd had these stories at various stages of completion for ages and finally had the time and the inclination to finish them this week. My school weeks aren't exactly conducive to good quality writing time. A lot of this is psychological - I think, I've only got an hour or so before I have to go to nursery or pick my daughter up form school, it hardly seems worth firing up the old laptop (which seems to take an age these days). WRONG! I must rid my self of this procrastinating sabotage! There's always time to write something.

I've no idea how my short stories are going to fair this time round - I remain optimistic but I'm also realistic (I remember  sending out 40 short stories and only having one published.) So here we go with round two! I also remember (I think) that I read somewhere that the flow of short stories editors receive slows down over the summer months, so now may be the time to get them in - less competition? But then again, it doesn't matter how fierce or weak the competition if your story doesn't hit the mark, it doesn't hit the mark - end of story.

The main point is that I haven't given up. I'm still sending my stories out there when many are not. And that makes all the difference. While my stories are out there doing the rounds, I am busy reading published stories in the women's mags and learning and honing my own writing skills so I can write better stories and increase  my chances of publication. I fully expect for my stories to be rejected - one has to remain hopeful (or we wouldn't send our stories out there) but I find if you expect the worst (rejection) but actually get an acceptance - the surprise and satisfaction is so much sweeter! So keep going!

This coming week I'll be continuing to get a couple more short stories written/finished and sent out, but primarily I will be looking at my NaNo novel, doing the second edit. I promised myself that over the summer hols I would do a big edit and try and get it into some sort of shape that half resembles a possibly publishable book!

Tomorrow I have a couple of writing pals coming over to chat about writing so I'm looking forward to that. I always enjoy my writing group meetings but find the month long gap between them hard - so I decided to organise our own informal session half way between the meetings to keep the creative juices flowing!

Happy writing

Julie xx


Bethany Mason said...

Sounds like you're doing well writing wise. I have the same outlook as you - expect the worst then when the best happens it's awesome - but everyone is always telling me that I'm being negative. I'm glad you feel the same as I know I'm not being negative, just not setting myself up for a big disappointment.

Julie P said...

Hi, Bethany,

It's not really being neagative just realistic! As long as you don't let the thought that you expect to be rejected stop you from writing and sending your work out there, it's okay.

I think it's healthy to have a bit of reticence about submissions just as long as you go with the flow and use it as an observation not a fact. I'm all for positive thinking and visualisation techniques, but I never place bets on which stories I think will be rejected and which ones will be accepted! You never can tell and that's what makes it exciting!

Keep going!

Julie xx

Carole Anne Carr said...

Now you have much more time - so good luck with your story writing... Hugs... xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, carole,

It's been such a treat to be able to write and get some short stories out there but it's been even better to spend time with my daughter. She's been at a holiday club at the school the past three days which she enjoyed but it's been nice to be just the two of us today.

Julie xx

Martin H. said...

Julie, I know you already have a heavy writing schedule but, I wonder if you've ever thought of taking part in Magpie Tales?

It runs once a week.

Julie P said...

Hi, Martin and thank you for the link to Magpie Tales. I'd not heard of it bedore but will certainly take a look.

I signed on to You Write On yesterday so I hope to be able to have a proper look at that later too.

Julie xx