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Thursday, 19 August 2010

I have a new toy; Zumba and getting up to writerly things

It finally happened. After months of deliberation, procrastination and traipsing around shops I now have my netbook and he's beautiful. Yes it is a boy and I have named him Rupert (as in Red Rupert. He's red you see.) I got him because I was fed up with his big brother laptop. I mean I am grateful to the laptop - he was the first one I got so he will always be special to me. But he is getting a bit rough around the edges now - his letters on his keys are rubbing off and he is oh so slow. I'm still using him as my main computer but I just fancied a bit on the side (a-hem) computer speaking of course. And yes they have met. They are keeping a dignified distance at the moment lest my old faithful develops a terminal case of jealousy. We have an open relationship and I thought he understood that. He's been fine with me going to use the computer at the library, mind you he did sulk when I came back and refused to back up properly. So how he'll react to a permanent, younger interloper with whom he'll have to share his owner's affections only time will tell.

My new baby is so tiny and light (easier to throw out the window when it does my head in  - well it would be if it wasn't so expensive!) I used it on my lap in bed last night! Oh the joys of being ultra mobile. Mind you I could quite have easily put it back in its case and left it on the naughty step to think about its behaviour earlier on. Since I got it ,three days ago, I have been trying, without success, but with much frustration to get the Microsoft Office trial it came preloaded with activated. All he would bang on about (in, I imagine, a whiny computer voice) was the need to type in a product key. Could I locate the blasted product key? Could I heck as like. I went into 'help' which actually was no help at all (but what's new there?) I went into Microsoft itself then Acer. But, YES! I have conquered it  - I feel like the bloke who first discovered fire! I sat in front of the computer grunting 'Gah,' and 'Huh?' Then finally, as the screen lit up with the message 'Office Activation Complete', or words to that effect and I shouted 'Eureka!' That'll teach Rupert to waste hours of my valuable writing time and try and hide stuff from me! HAH!

All the while I was trying to get it to work I could have wept with the time waste factor. 'I should be writing,' I wailed on more than one occasion. I even threatened Rupert that I would turn him off and return to my Old Faithful if he didn't give me what I wanted now! I have no time for a tease. But anyway, all is well now. The fat lady has sung; The arrow has hit the target and I am happy. I am just getting to grips with Office having used something called Sun Office up until now and I have worked out how to have my BT Yahoo page on Old Faithful on my new computer too. Not bad for someone who didn't really have a clue what she was doing. Mind you I did give myself a fright last night. I was pressing a few buttons when this picture of a scary, ghostly white woman with devilish hair appeared on my screen. I actually squealled with fright, almost giving my poor husband a heart attack in the process. Then I realised I'd pressed the webcam button and it was actually a picture of me. My husband said, "Oh look. OGOM can prove you're a lap dancer now. You'd better get your tassels ready!" Cheeky beggar.

Oh yes Zumba. If you are trying to loose a little weight or just want to take a little exercise that is fun and doesn't feel like exercise then ZUMBA is your man! I discovered it about a month ago down at the village hall and Oh my, it is fantastic. It's like samba, salsa, hip hop, latin American based dance and it certainly leaves you on a high afterwards. Lots of hip/bum wiggling - think more Dirty Dancing than Strictly Come Dancing and you'll get the picture. In fact, if you google it or You Tube it you'll see what I mean. And boy do you work hard  -  the sweat just saturates you. We certainly keep the bowlers entertained. They can see us through the windows as they amble down to the bowling green. Excellent music too. OGOM is convinced it's training for my lap dancing but what does he know!

I've had a wonderful writerly couple of weeks, meeting for coffee and chats with some writing buddies and the launch of our Wrekin Writer sub group  - six of us who live in the same area have decided to get together in between the main group meetings and it's been wonderful. Had two meetings so far with the third and fourth planned. It's nice to have the time to sit with other writers and get to know them properly - there just isn't time in the main meetings and it's keeping us motivated to write which is always a bonus.
We won't mention, though, the embarrassing case of when a certain writer went into a cafe to meet with an author to receive her new book to do a review on and have coffee and a chat and they didn't turn up  -  or so she thought  - only to discover that the author was in the cafe next door and the certain writer had gone in the wrong door! There we were sitting in adjacent cafes thinking the other one wasn't coming! Whoops. It's a good thing they are good friends and found the whole thing hilarious. They are going to try again next week  -  meantime new glasses are on order!

On that note ......

Happy writing

Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

Great to hear about Rupert, and I'm still tittering... hugs xxx

Sue Ross said...

Julie, I love the sound of Zumba.
I might mosey on down to the village hall and take a twirl round the dancefloor.
Can they cope with another white haired old woman with devilish hair?

Sue Ross said...

I can bring my own tassles.

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Hi Julie,

It's been a while since I have left a comment but but still check in once in a while for inspiration.

I have to say that your writing is reaching new heights. You have always been a gifted writer but the flow of your posts has become more natural.

You are destined for great things my dear and you will always have a fan in me.


Simon Whaley said...

I can only find one tassle at the moment ...

Julie P said...

Hi, Carole

Me too! My daughter finds it funny too - "Oh, Mummy, you are funny," was her response!

I will make sure I go through the right door next time. If you get there before me go to the cafe next door and get them to turf me out if I do go in there by mistake!! They really should have Las Vegas style flashing arrows either side of the Bailey's door - couldn't miss it then!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Sue

Yes do come to Zumba! There are a wide range of ages, all sizes and shapes - it's great fun and all are friendly. 6-7pm every Tuesday.

What is it with all these Wrekin Writers suddenly declaring they possess tassels?! Is there something we don't know?! I know times are hard.....

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thank you very much, Roger, for your lovely comments. I think I write best about the things that engage me and make me laugh so I thought I'd blog about those things and see what happened.

Do keep popping by - plenty of inspiration to be found here (and prspiration following ZUMBA on a Tuesday night!)

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Well you'd best get looking for the other one then, Mr Whaley! Tut, tut, tut! I'm not even going to ask how you ended up with just one tassel. People will talk ....

Julie xx

klahanie said...

Hi Julie,
My oh my, aren't you having fun with your writing. I think it is good to write, without the tassel, I mean hassle:-) Happy 'Zumbaring'
Kind wishes, Gary x

Julie P said...

I am having fun, Gary. I think writing is therapeutic and if it's not fun something's wrong! I think you have to enjoy it to get something out of it.

My tassels have been put away for a while while I get on with the writing. But tomorrow is Zumba Night! So I shall enjoy that.

Julie xx