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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bluey and Red Rupert meet!

It was the Wrekin Writers meeting yesterday and, as usual, it was great fun. I aways come away from the meetings feeling like I'm floating on air and ready to take on my next writing challenge. In the second half of the meeting (I make it sound like a football match don't I! Well I suppose it has its similarities with Chairman Sue acting as referee,) we split into small groups and I joined the short story writing group. One of the group bravely read out the beginning and end of a short story she was working on. She explained the middle bit and we all gave our comments. That's what I like about Wrekin Writers. They are so supportive but will tell you if they think a piece of your writing isn't working. It's always said with care and there's no malice but they call a spade a spade! And that's what you need  -  constructive criticism that you learn from and enables you to move forward with your writing.

Finally, after much planning and deliberation Di's Bluey and my Red Rupert finally met! They have been looking forward to it for weeks and I think they were a bit overwhelmed when they did meet up at the Wrekin Writers' meeting yesterday! I think the rest of the group feared for my and Di's sanity when we sat the two net books together so they could get better acquainted! They even had a photo shoot and 'kissed' a la Hollywood 'A' listers when they said goodbye! This is what joining a writers' group does to you  - you have been warned. We had a fair few new members too yesterday  -  I hope we didn't put them off.

Another thing that came up yesterday in the short story group was rejections and why some writers seem to get their stories in all of the women's mags, time and time again. Simon Whaley came up with the answer that it's because they are prolific writers  -  they write more, get more submitted and, therefore, get more published. He said that Della Galton had something like 90 short stories published in one year. And I know that Teresa Ashby said that she had five rejections in one day via e-mail not so long ago  -  Della gets hers rejected too and they are the queens of short story writing that the rest of us aspire to be! Of course their amazing story writing talent has a lot to do with it, but so does their determination and ability to write a lot and get their stories subbed. We can learn a lot from them. I know I have.

I have a busy week coming up again, (when do I not?!) And having just got over a couple of weeks where I had a tummy bug followed by a cold / chest infection and then something else we won't mention in polite company, (it always happens when I go back to school!) I'm hoping I'll get through this week with a clean bill of health and get my energy back.
I'm continuing with my teaching assistant course  - practical experience in the classrooms and course work, but all is not lost on the writing front. I'm seeing the morris dancers again tomorrow evening and interviewing some of them. I'm really looking forward to that. I had so much fun with the previous groups I've written about: the local amateur dramatics group and the archery group, that I'm sure the morris dancers will be the same. I also want to get the two short stories I started a couple of weeks back finished so I can edit them the week after and get them subbed. Having just finished co-judging the Doris Gooderson short story comp, I'm about to star co-judging the Wellington Town Council one  - all good experience. I did them both last year too and rally enjoyed it.

Still nothing to report on the six short stories I've already subbed but that's not unusual so I'm making sure I have others to send out if (when) they are rejected! I'm making more of an effort this time not to shove the rejected short stories into my drawer, never to see the light of day again. I'm trying to rejig them and send them out again until I run out of outlets  - we'll see how I get on given my busy non-writing/real life schedule!

Remember, if you only have 10 mins a day to write, even if you think it's hardly worth getting your pen out or switching on your computer  -  just do it! 10 mins a day = 1hr 10 mins a week. It all adds up and every little helps.

Happy writing

Julie xx


Sue Ross said...

Yes, you and Di are both crackers!
To be fair, that is part of being a good writer, don't you think?
I just hope Rupert and Bluey are going to behave themselves on retreat.

jenny wilson said...

wow- sounds very interestinx

Diane Perry said...

Well, Julie, Bluey hasn't stopped talking about his meeting with Red Rupert, this is the start of a beautiful friendship! It was fun and I love the photo's.
I got the same great feeling in the the Novel group and rejections came up there too. But taling with others who have the same makes it feel so much better.
Me and the little Bluester can't wait for the retreat!

Julie P said...

Hi, Sue,

Yes! It's true, we are slightly unhinged! I think you have to have a slightly off center sense of humour to be a writer - particularly to be a Wrekin Writer!

Who knows what Bluey and Red Rupert will get up to on retreat!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Jenny,

it was interesting as well as being a lot of fun.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Not long til the retreat now, Di! Red Rupert doesn't know he's going yet - it will be a nice surprise for him! My old laptop is dead jealous!

Julie xx

Simon Whaley said...

Is this the start of a new romance?

Suzanne Jones said...

Goodness, Bluey and Red Rupert do look smart (and you and Di look lovely, too).

Don't know if you've seen November Prima yet (I subscribe, so it might not be in the shops) but they've published your beauty tip. Well done.


Julie P said...

You're just as crackers as me and Di are, Simon! They are playing it cool and taking their time. They don't want to rush into anything!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Suzanne,

Yes one of the other lunchtime supervisors at school told me my tip had made it into Prima. I haven't seen it yet but will get it as soon as it comes out. I'm well chuffed!

Bluey and Red Rupert were so delighted to meet - they make a lovely couple don't you think!

Julie xx

Carole Anne Carr said...

Sounds such fun, you had a great time! Hugs..

Julie P said...

Hi, Carole,

I hope you are well! Yes we had a great time at the meeting - they always get me going so my motivational tanks are full to brimming at the moment!

Julie xx

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Julie P said...

Thanks, dog trainer! And thanks for stopping by.