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Friday, 3 September 2010

Six years later

It's my lovely little girl's 6th birthday tomorrow - where did the time go?! Her excitement is infectious. She's been chattering non-stop about her party that is happening tomorrow morning at her favourite indoor play area. We are expecting 19 of her friends to come so it's going to be utter chocolatey cakey, e-numbers, sticky, balloons chaos, just how kid's parties should be!

I had an urge to bake today and my husband got a little worried as six years ago I had the same urge and a few hours after my baking urge began I'd given birth to my daughter! I was baking a batch of biscuits when my waters broke - well trickled really - there was no flood. I'd been having a few 'pains' if you could call them that - they didn't seem to warrant such a grand title - more of an inconvenient ache really. I refused to stop baking - those biscuits were going to be baked come hell or high water (excuse the pun). My dad said they were the best biscuits he'd ever tasted! Today I made my daughter's birthday cake and some fairy cakes for the parents who are bringing their children to the party.

I always feel a curious mix of a sense of uneasiness and joy every year since her birth at this time of day (9pm). I swear I almost have phantom labour pains too - a twinge to remind me of how she came into the world. I suppose I was one of the lucky ones. I didn't find it that painful (my apopogies to those who had difficult labours). I was in labour for six hours and that was it. There she was, pudgy round pink face, balled fists, five beautiful fingers and toes. It seems a lifetime ago now. But what an experience! One I won't ever forget.

I wasn't scared and I thought I would be - I'd heard so many tales of how badly things could go wrong and thought I'd be in agony for days with the labour. In fact I was so shocked when the midwife said it was all over that I didn't believe her! I thought I'd misheard her and I remember actually saying to her, 'is that it?' Throughout the labour I was cool as a cucumber and hardly made a sound. It was as though I was in a different place - this flood of warmth and serenity just cascaded over me and I just listened to my body and went with it. At one point I just found everything funny and couldn't stop giggling. Mind you I think that was down to the entonox (laughing gas!) I recommend that everyone tries some of that  -  fantastic stuff! I wanted to bring the canister home with me from the hospital.

So please excuse my nostalgic, sugary journey back to the day my daughter was born. I know it's not about writing but it was such a wonderful experience for me and as I'm not going to go through labour again, I feel lucky having had the chance to go through it at all - and very thankful, I just wanted to share one corner of a little bit of happiness in my life.

As this blog is about writing, I had a short story rejected via e-mail today so I did the decent thing - I re-edited it and sent it somewhere else.

Happy writing and wish me luck for the party tomorrow. I think I'll take the neurofen now. I wonder if the hospital has a spare canister of entonox?

Julie xx


Jarmara Falconer said...

I hope all goes well and no one eats too much and feels unwell. Wish your little girl a very happy birthday.

Martin H. said...

You never need an excuse to write about something so wonderful. I was there at the birth of our daughter (over thirty years ago) and it was a big deal then, to have dad present.

I hope your little girl has a super party with her friends and family. Happy Birthday, from me and mine!

Teresa Ashby said...

Sounds as if she's going to have a wonderful birthday - just as it should be. Hope you all have loads of fun xx

Julie P said...

Thanks Jarmara!

Oh I hope they don't eat too much either. They have a party box of food and the birthday cake will be put in their gift bag to take home - my daughter's quite good and won't eat something if she's not hungry - I told her if she eats too many sweets her teeth will fall out!! My teeth are pretty bad at the back and she's disgusted by my fillings - so I think it's doing the trick!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi Martin

When I was born 39 years ago my dad wasn't there - it wasn't the done thing apparently. He just put my mum in the hospital room with her suitcase and left! I don't think he would have coped if he'd had to go in!

My husband was there when my daughter was born and he said he wouldn't have wanted to miss it. He was amazed at how calm I was (so was I!!) It's such an amazing thing. I'd seen many births when I did my nurse training but it was so different when it was me giving birth - I don't think anything prepares you for it.

Izzy says thank you! She's just gone to dance class and then we're going straight on to the party! Can't wait. Will post pics later.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Teresa and thank you. I will post pics later. I love kid's birthday parties - they're just so chaotic and crazy! Izzy has been so excited this morning especially has one of her boyfriend's mother rang this morning to say he was coming - she has a couple of boyfriends and one of them is an older boy! His mother and I work together at the school and we think it's hilarious that Izzy likes her son - he's a great boy though, very caring and genuinely likes to talk to Izzy.

Not long now!

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

Happy birthday to your wee girl. It's scary how quickly the years pass.

Hope they made a fuss of you, too - after all, you had to work pretty hard six years ago.

Hugs to you both.


jenny wilson said...

hope the party goes well and happy brthday to your daughterx

Julie P said...

Hi, Suzanne

She had a whale of a time as did I! It was a great party. Need a quiet day now to get over it, though - climbing up the soft steps and clambering over the squidgy obstacles and flapping about in the ball pit takes it out of you somewhat!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Jenny
Everyone had so much fun! I want to go there for my birthday party and have jelly and ice cream too!

Julie xx

Olivia Ryan said...

It sounds like she (and you!) had a lovely party, Julie. I don't think your children's birthdays ever stop being a nostalgic and quite emotional time. I still find myself thinking back to their arrivals, and babyhoods, on their birthdays even now my girls are in their thirties! Well, childbirth is the most raw and emotional experience a woman ever undergoes, isn't it.

On that subject - it's Noah's first birthday tomorrow! I'll be celebrating that with a blog posting, any time now ....

womagwriter said...

Glad you and she had such a lovely time! 6 hours labour for a first child - good grief, I am not sure I can speak to you again after hearing that. Multiply it by 10 for my first. I got through plenty of entonox, I can tell you!

Julie P said...


I hope Noah enjoyed his first birthday! I cannot believe the little chap is one already - what a year!

I had a new respect for my own mother after I'd given birth I can tell you!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

I know - I'm almost embarrassed to admit it! I know I got away very, very lightly, Womag!I wanted to take the entonox home with me though - fabulous stuff!

Julie xx