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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Shakira - Waka Waka Official Music Video for all those Zumba addicts out there!

I found this music video by Shakira on YouTube and just had to share it. It's the soundtrack to one of the sections we do in the Zumba dance exercise class myself and Sue Ross have been going to. This is especially for you Sue! It's my favourite section of the dance exercise class as I adore the song. Most of the moves in the video are the same as the ones at the class (We don't do the football of course!) And there are some rather nice, athletic looking footballers in the video - sadly we don't get them coming to Zumba.) So now you can see what we get up to at Zumba! It's not everyday you can say you can dance like Shakira is it?! Now if only I had her figure I'd be happy!


I bet you can't resist joining in!

Julie xx


Suzanne Jones said...

In my head I look exactly like Shakira when I dance - the sad reality is more like the Roly Polys, though.

Your class sounds terrific. What fun.


Julie P said...

Hi, Suzanne! Well when I say it's not often you can say that you can dance like Shakira I was exaggerating a fair bit. I think when I do it it's actually three Shakiras! She's tiny isn't she! My belly does a Shakira dance all of its own!

But I love the class. It's fabulous fun and makes me feel better. I haven't been for three weeks though after I was ill halfway through tha class - I think I'd over done it somewhat that day being too busy and not eating properly.

Anyway. Back to it tomorrow evening. Some of the other mum's from school say they're coming too.

Can't let the side down!

Julie xx

Sue Ross said...

My God Julie, I was doing Zumba in the chair. It's so compelling.
I've been suffering from withdrawal symptoms-went to what I thought would be Zumba at the leisure centre, only to find they'd replaced it with dance aerobics. Was still ok but roll on Tuesday!