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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Not long to go

As the NaNo deadline nears I've been frantically trying to catch up and I think I'll make the 50,000 by Nov 30th. I'm not as far ahead as I was at this stage last year but that's because I have a lot more on my plate now than I did then! It's all about prioritisation and life does take over quite a lot of the time. I'd write all day if I was left to my own devices!

I'm enjoying NaNo this year as much as I did last year and it's great to see a couple more Wrekin Writers taking part this year. I Missed the Wrekin Writers' meeting yesterday which I'm sad about as I look forward to going. I can fill my writing motivation tanks up and it keeps me going until the next month's meeting. I'm running on fumes at the moment!

It's the busy run up to Christmas and someone asked me today if I'd finished my Christmas shopping. Er, hello, it's November! So no. Not only have I not finished it but I haven't even started it yet. I very much sit in the I- refuse -to- think- about- Christmas- until- at- least- the- start- of- December camp. I like to get NaNo out of the way first and I have to take it easy over the festive period so I don't overdo things. I used to get really excited about Christmas but not over recent years. Over commercialisation, people who wouldn't normally give you the time of day being friendly just because it's the season to be jolly! I'm not a Grinch, far from it, but I like Christmas to begin in December and not back in August.

This week's plan is to catch up with NaNo and get the two short stories I've been sitting on for far too long edited and subbed. My aim at the end of last year for 2010 was to get a short story in most of the women's mags in the UK that carry fiction. That aim flew right out of the window, but I did make my first ever short story sale in the UK and sold another to Australia, so I'm pleased with that. My main problem in recent months has been output  -  I don't have a lot of it. But that can be rectified. If I want to be published that badly then I'll make the time to write the stories in the first place. You can't get published what you don't write in the first place.

Have a  happy writing week.

Oh and happy Easter! (I thought I'd get that in early for next year.)

Julie xx


Sue Ross said...

You're doing great Julie.
I wondered where you were on Saturday. In fact I did wonder if you'd managed to get to the dangerous writing thing at Chester.
That sounded like it would be a great event.
Nearly there now Julie.
Keep going.....

Julie P said...

We are almost there, Sue. Fab feeling isn't it. I've got a bad back at the moment which isn't helping. Have had to come home from school and strap a hot water bottle to my back. Will be going to bed later for a little while and see if my back will settle down. No Zumba for a while I'm afraid.

What's the dangerous writing thing at Chester?!

Julie xx

Sue Ross said...

The writing dangerously thing was at Wetherspoons at Chester. I think I read it in one of the emails or on the website. It was from midday to 9pm and it's set up to encourage spurts of writing. They have stop clocks and you write furiously for short, sharp bursts. Sounded great. I would like to have gone but we went to visit family in Sheffield.

Nari said...

Keep going Julie :) I hope your back feels better soon. I agree with you about Christmas - it's sad what it has been reduced to. The over-hype seems to be making more and more people hat Christmas, and I wish that wasn't the case.
Anyway, good luck with NaNo

Julie P said...

Chester's a bit too far for me that late, Sue, but it sounds like it would have been fun!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Thanks, Nari,

My backs a lot better. Those adhesive heat packs are wonderful! I now have a super cold but at least I can walk and bend without saying 'OW!' now.

I just get fed up of the frenzied spending spree that Christmas has become - well for some people - definitely not for me! Bah humbug!

Nearly finished NaNo - it's the sprint to the finish now.

Julie xx