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Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Well what can I say about the Wrekin Writer retreat? I think words almost fail me! It was fantastic. It really was. Two days and three nights in a grand house in the middle of a country estate in Wales with brilliant company, superb food and drink and time to write. I think I was heaven! I didn't want to come home! We had:

Wild disco/morris/zumba/tap/line dancing .
Walks in the beautiful countryside.
A Blair Witch project ghost walk in the pitch black through the woods to a derelict cottage.
A lovely meal at a local pub.
A trip into the local town.
Hours of laughing until we cried!
Staying up until 1 - 130 in the morning talking about writing and life.
Having the brief company of a beautiful golden retriever who had escaped from a house down the road during a firework display and decided he'd quite like to stay with us for a bit thank you very much. I wanted to take him home. He was so gorgeous and very cuddly. The trouble we had trying to find where he'd come from I tell you! There are some strange people about that's all I'm saying (aren't there Di?!)

Oh, and we wrote a bit too.

It's amazing what a few days away with some fellow writers and friends can do for your motivation and enthusiasm for your writing.

I'll post some photos tomorrow.

I wish I was back in Wales as my boiler has packed up and I was waiting for ever for a flipping taxi outside school this afternoon. Apparently it was waiting at the wrong school! Ironic really when the whole reason I'd ordered the taxi was because it was bitterly cold and thrashing it down with rain and I didn't want me and my daughter to get wet or cold walking home, which is exactly what happened while we were waiting for the taxi! Hey ho here's a story in there somewhere!

Happy writing

Julie xx


Teresa Ashby said...

Sounds brilliant, Julie.
Getting caught in the rain not so good, but as you say there's a story there x

David said...

Sounds blissful Julie. And boy did you manage to fit a lot in. Sounds like you'll have to get planning for another event soon saying it was such a success.


Olivia Ryan said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time, Julie! Good for you - hope it has given you lots of inspiration as well as a lot of fun!

Julie P said...

I was so inspired whilst we were there. It was amazing, Teresa!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

I can't wait to see where we're going next year. It will be hard to top this one, David!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

It certainly was a lot of fun, Olivia. If you go on Wrekin Writers' website or the Wrekin writers You Tube channel you'll be able to see just how much fun!!!

Julie xx

Mike said...

Would you like to organise the next one, Julie? The seaside would be nice, but it's a bit pricey. Or somewhere medieval, with ghosts and goats for you know who!

Mike xx

Carole Anne Carr said...

Looking forward to the photographs!

Julie P said...

I'd have a go, Mike! But I'm not sure I can get as good places as yourself and Susan have over the years! Medieval sounds fab, but I don't think you know who could cope! She'd probably self combust with excitement!!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

I will upload them soon, Carole, I promise. I've been meaning to do it all week - it's on my To-do list. I keep getting distracted!

Julie xx

Nicola said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Looking forward to hearing about it over a cup of tea and some of those fab scones soon! xx

Julie P said...

It was great, Nicola. I want to go again now! But Tea and scones sounds great too - let me know when you feel the need and are able to go!

Julie xx