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Friday, 12 November 2010

Retreat Photos

As promised here are a selection of photos taken on retreat. I haven't included any of our Wrekin Writer members as I want to get their permission first! But here are a few of the scenery!

I'll post some more next week. I took so many photos! It was so gorgeous there.

NaNo is going well.I am behind but catching up fast. Hope everyone else doing NaNo is doing well and enjoying the process. Remember to go with the flow!

Happy writing
Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

Lovely, lovely photographs, looking forward to seeing more....

Mike said...

Good pictures, Julie. I've just sent some off for the website, so you could copy some of yours there.
You can put up pictures of me, if you'd like.

Mike xx

Bethany Mason said...

Lovely views - I don't know if I could write with scenery like that.

Julie P said...

I will upload a few more when I've caught up with this NaNo madness, Carole!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Mike,

I must send mine off to the website too. I forgot about that! I do have a couple with you on, so I will send them to you too.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Bethany,

It was so lovely there, and it was tempting to go out and enjoy the countryside. We went out a couple of times for walks and a look round the near by town of Corwen. We even went to the pub for a meal on the Saturday which was nice.

But write was was what we were there to do so write we did! It was so lovely and warm in there with the open fire and comfortable surroundings that we didn't want to leave. If only we were all multi-million pound best selling authors we would buy a place like that!

Julie xx