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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Get Ready

No, I don't mean get ready for Xmas. Although, if you celebrate it, it might be a good idea to get yourself organised as you only have about ten days before the big day (is that the rumble of feet stampeding to the shops I hear?) I am referring to getting ready for your 2011 writing year. You may have had a fantastic writing year in 2010. You might have had a mediocre writing year, or a downright lousy writing year. Put all that behind you now: look at it, smile, shout or cry at it, but then file it away. If it's been a bad writing year, be comforted that it's over now and you never have to look at it, or go through it again. Next year is going to be better. In fact, it's going to be our best writing year yet.

How do I know this? Because I know that you and I are going to be sitting down over the next couple of weeks and writing a plan of action. We know where we've been with our writing and now we are going to plan our writing journey through 2011 so we have a clear idea of where we are going. We might not end up at our ideal destination and we might take a few detours along the way, but we are going to try our best to stay on track and get further than we've ever got before with our writing.

At this time of year I always seem to end up in a bit of a writing doldrum. I'm not keen to send anything out for fear it will get lost in the Christmas post and I''m concerned that some editors don't want to know until the New Year! The weather's been horrible. I love the snow  -  correction  -  I love a BIT of snow, but I can't stand the freezing temps we've had or the ice. Everything seems to slow down at this time of year, not less the traffic on the roads and, to a certain extent, outlets for our writing work. But, the only thing I know that can lift these doldrums (apart from mulled wine, mince pies, Xmas pudding, winter sun and a bit of Zumba) is to write a plan of action for my writing for the coming year and actually sit down and start writing something to send out in the New Year. That way, this 'down time' won't be wasted when things start to pick up again in the New Year.

How does everyone else feel about their writing situation at this time of year? Are you in the doldrums? If you are, how do you plan to drag yourself out of them? Have you just admitted defeat and just going with the flow until January?  Or are you eagerly planning and writing in preparation for 2011? How are you going to get what you want from your writing next year? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Julie xx


HC Clarke said...

In all honesty, I am just doing some mental mapping for competiton entries. This year I have two, and I've already got one half mapped out! I'm feeling a little proud of that, and I'm moving onto the next one soon (but I'm a little wary of it, as I've never entered a competition with an open theme before...).
I've had a bad start to professional writing, but as you said I'm trying to put that behind me and start again.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas x

Julie P said...

Good luck with your competitions. I must enter some this coming year. I'm not sure about open themes either - I like to have a theme to work to.

You definitley have to put your past writing experiences behind you and move forward. Sorry to hear about your bad start, but it's all going up now! I hope 2011 is better.

Julie xx

Suzanne Jones said...

All the best for 2011, Julie.

I've had quite a good year (relatively speaking) but yes, the end of year slump arrived with a vengeance a month or two back. In 2011, I hope to plan my submissions better so this doesn't happen.


Nari said...

It's certainly the time for action plans and positive thinking. I have had a very productive writing year, as I had to plough on with my third year project for Creative Writing, which was the first three chapters of my novel. Since then, I have been unemployed, so have had no excuse. The year ahead will hopefully be just as productive, if not more.
Good luck as you step forth into the new writing year, Julie, and all you other writers :)
Nari X

Julie P said...

Positive thinking and planning go a long way to helping us achieve our writing goals, Nari, so I know we are on the right track.

Our hard work, determination and the learning process will see us through! But only if we ahdhere bum to seat and write! Good luck xx