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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Oh Bother!

Happpy birthday AA Milne and happy Winnie The Pooh Day! I love Winnie The Pooh  -  his books remind me of childhood before health and safety. And I can so identify with that bear of little brain!  My daughter loves Winnie too and has planned a party for her Winnie The Pooh bear for after school. I have been given strict instructions not to tell Winnie, or let him see any party preparations!

Party on!

Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

Pooh has always been my hero. I have a dislike however, of the American versions, and I shall never forgive AA Milne for giving the original toys to an American library! Argggh!

Julie P said...

It's a shame Pooh went to America, I quite agree, Carole!

Julie xx

Teresa Ashby said...

Aw, Hope Winnie enjoys his party. I agree with Carole Anne about the American versions.

Julie P said...

I'm sure he will, Teresa, as will we!

Julie x

Sue Ross said...

Oh, how lovely Julie.
The age of innocence. Make the most of it.

Julie P said...

I will, Sue! She did enjoy playing pass the parcel with Winnie and her dolls.

Julie xx