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Friday, 14 January 2011


There's nothing like meeting with like-minded writers and Saturday will give me just this opportunity as it's the annual AGM of Wrekin Writers, the writing group I attend. This is my third year as a member now and I still get excited as each monthly meeting comes round. It's a time to catch up with fellow writers and to refill my motivation and enthusiasm tanks. The meetings always buzz with passion for writing and it's impossible not to feed off that positive energy.We are a successful group with a lot of talented writers who don't mind sharing their writerly wisdom. They have certainly done me a lot of a good, and many of them have become good friends  -  and that's a valuable thing for a writer to have when writing is so often a solitary pursuit. It does writers good to have a good old chin wag with other writers who know the ins and outs of a writer's life is like.

I hope your writing plans are going as they want them to. This time of year is when the excitement of Christmas and the promise of a productive New Year start to wane, especially with all this grey and wet weather we're having. So it's important not to let your writing enthusiasm and momentum grind to a halt. Keep going -  it's not long til spring now and just think how many words you could have written by then, how many short stories or articles you could have subbed, or how many words of your novel you could have written, how much you could have edited. It all soon mounts up. Instead of letting the tiredness and lethargy slow you to inertia, get your pen and pad or computer our and just write something, anything. It doesn't matter what. Don't let your writing dreams come to nothing this year.

Personally, I'm going to be editing some short stories I've had hanging around since October and subbing them asap. Then I'm going to write up the short stories I've written notes on but not managed to form into anything like a story yet. While they are stewing I need to finish this year's NaNo novel. I'm about three chapters away from the end and once I get going, it won't take me long to finish the first draft. Then the hard work of editing it and then going back to do the second edit of 2009's NaNo novel begins. I've got so many words to play with I don't know where to start. I still can't believe I have two novels to sort out - just shows what you can do if you put your mind to it. Are they publishable? Not at the moment. Could they be? Who knows! But I'm going to give it my best shot! I've enjoyed the writing process too much to give up now.

Happy writing and good luck with your writing projects.

Julie xx


Kate said...

Glad to hear your local writers group is such a constructive one - so many are not!

Good luck with your submissions!

Julie P said...

Hi, Kate

Yes I'm aware of how lucky I am with my writing group. I've heard some aren't so good!

Good luck with your submissions too!

Julie xx