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Saturday, 1 January 2011


You'll have to excuse me as I'm a little sore today. No, I haven't got a cold coming, well at least I don't think I have. But shiver me timbers, I ain't half been poked and prodded and had wires threaded through my most intimate of places over the past couple of days. It's no wonder I'm feeling a little tender in my wood works. He could have got the ruddy electrickity in before the snow and the plunging temperatures came, but oh no, he left me freezing and shivering. It's a wonder I didn't shake free of my foundations. Still, it's nice and cosy with me electric fire now.

I'm a little worried about her, though. She sits here talking to me all day. It was a bit unnerving when she first did it. I've never been spoken to in those tones before. In fact I've never been addressed directly before. Is the woman mad? I begged the question after she sought my opinion on her latest pocket novel. I mean I was very flattered, but I'm hardly an expert on anything literary am I. I know a lot about standing still in gardens, providing shelter, but as for writing? She's barking up the wrong tree with me. It is nice to be talked to I must admit, and it's great to have shelves and tables fitted within me. It gives one a sense of real purpose and everyone wants to feel wanted and loved don't they?

Anyway. I'm sure our relationship will go from strength to strength throughout 2011 and beyond  and I will be the hub of much creativity and success too. I'm so excited I could blow my roof, but I won't as it will make for costly repairs and I would not be in my fair lady's best books. Mind you, those pesky fireworks nearly made my nails and screws jump out of me. I've never felt such big bangs.

Right, Happy New Year everyone   - go on buy a shed, just like me. You know you want to!

Sally's shedtastic shed xx


Sue Ross said...

Oh Julie, I love sheds!
My very best birthday present from my husband was a shed. On the day of my birthday I looked out of the kitchen window and there it was...wrapped up...completely covered, and with a GIANT bow around it. The neighbours were all agog!
I spent so o o many happy hours in there.
I hope you enjoy yours as much.
I'm sure you will.

Xandra James said...

"Is the woman mad?"

I think that's a question many a shed/study/sofa has asked over the years of dealing with the 'creative types'. And of course the answer is yes...! ;)

Juliet Boyd said...

Ooh Shed, does Sally know you're being unfaithful to her and blogging elsewhere?

Carole Anne Carr said...

Where's the photograph? Happy New Year and many hugs...

Quillers said...

Oh, fancy going and talking to another woman, shed! And after we got you a nice little heater too. I am devastated...

(Tee hee, Julie!)

Julie P said...

Hi, Sue. I think my owner really appreciates me and I do have a fondness for her too. I know that woman Julie has got her eye on me but I'm very much taken thank you very much. She is, of course, well aware of that writers' commandment: Thou shalt not covert thy writing buddie's shed! Get your own, lady!

Do you still use your shed, Sue?

Sally's shed xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Xandra,

I thought so!

Sally's shed xx

Julie P said...

I don't think it will be long until she finds out, Juliet!

Julie P said...

Sorry, Quillers!

It meant nothing, I promise you. You're the only woman for me, you know that dear! And thanks for the heater.

Your shed xx

Quillers said...

Okay, shed, I'm prepared to forgive you just this once, but any more shenanigans and I'm swapping you for a portacabin! ;-)

Julie P said...

Hi, Carole! U can see me at Quiller's blog! I am rather handsome, even if I say so myself!

Julie P said...

A portacabin (said in same vein as 'a handbag!') Oh, my. I'd better behave then!

scribocin said...

oh, a Shed. A proper Writer's Shed.
(closes her eyes dreamily)
It's better than a handbag!

Julie P said...

Oh yes, Sctibocin - it's what most of we writers aspire to I should imagine. We all have our fantasy writer's shed don't we? Hey maybe that'll be my next blog - we could have a fantasy writer's shed league!

Happy new Year!

Julie xx

Jarmara Falconer said...

Welcome to the creative world, Shed.
I hope you will enjoy the ride to fame and good fortune and the sun will smile down on you always.

Have a great 2011

Julie P said...

Why thank you, Jarmara! I can't wait until the summer when my timbers shall shiver no more and I shall be bathed in glorious sunshine!

Kirsty said...

Sally's Shed you are shameful.
But as Sally has forgiven you I supppose we all must too. Wonder if you've picked up any literary hints here that may help Sally with her pocket novels.

Hoping your foundations and roof and sides and shelves etc all stay intact in 2011.

Julie P said...

I know, I know, Kirsty, I'm a fickle shed - but aren't we all? Oh I'm always advising Sally about her pocket novels, not that she needs much advising really. I am but a sounding board - just a tweak here and there! She's always talking to herself mind, but I'm told that's 'normal behaviour for writers.

Oh I'm sure I'll be standing for many years to come.

David said...

It seems sheds have come a long long way from the days when they were just used for housing rusty watering cans and the like! You know things are on the up when the 'creative types' move in!

Julie P said...

We certainly have come a long way, David! Chuck the rusty, broken, gardening equipment out and shove a desk and chair in, take your laptop and there you go!